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Super SluggerSuper Slugger Try to hit the baseball as far as possible. Careful when they switch pitchers on you.
Power SwingPower Swing Swing and punch the baseball to the 2nd player or computer player to knock them off the mountain.
BaseballBaseball Play a nice game of baseball. Hit the ball as longest and accurate as you can
Pinch HitterPinch Hitter Homerun heaven in this beautiful baseball game!
Baseball StadiumBaseball Stadium Play a nice game of baseball.
Nice CatchNice Catch A cute and nice game of baseball.
Batters Up Base Ball Math Addition EditionBatters Up Base Ball Math Addition Edition Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.
Big League ChewBig League Chew Enter this urban baseball field and show your skills!
Shockwave BaseballShockwave Baseball The Pitcher will throw the ball at one of the squares. Quickly click the square it's heading to.
Bugs Bunny Home Run DerbyBugs Bunny Home Run Derby Swing the pitches as they cross the plate and hit enough home runs to go to the next level.
Super Crazy Baseball Maniac DeluxeSuper Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe This is the craziest and funniest baseball game ever as you try first to shine your lucky bat then psyche the pitcher and finally the chasing of the ball is on! Have fun!
Batters Up Base Ball Math Multiplication EditionBatters Up Base Ball Math Multiplication Edition Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.
Cricket Master BlasterCricket Master Blaster Press Space bar when ready to face a ball. Use the directional arrow keys to select a shot. Try to get your shot timings right to score a sixer! You have two overs to score 12 runs in the first level. Your target score will increase with every level. So make maximum use of every ball you face!
Baseball MayhemBaseball Mayhem Tom is playing against Ryan. Both are famous for their notorious acts in the street. They just need to do one thing, Target shots on to the people in the houses!
Baseball TypingBaseball Typing From the anime "Doraemon" comes this exciting typing game where you must type the letters appearing on the screen from your keyboard.
Cat BaseballCat Baseball Choose one of the three levels and play baseball!
Home Run BoyHome Run Boy Hit as many home runs as possible. Watch out for those flaming fast balls.
Pitching GamePitching Game Pick a professional baseball team then try to hit the 10 balls by swinging the bat. You can control the speed of the ball as well as choose your own bat. Good luck with the pitching machine!
The Ads TeamThe Ads Team Hit the baseball at the right angle and the right power so that it keeps going as it bounces.
Homerun RallyHomerun Rally Hit as many balls as you can!
Hit the BallHit the Ball Hit home runs and send the ball to the very end of the pitch. Aim, get ready and hit, try to hit accurate to send the ball further than everyone else.
Flash BaseballFlash Baseball You play as a cat playing baseball...
Panda BaseballPanda Baseball To finish with the computer viruses is very difficult sometimes, but not in this case. Throw them with your baseball bat, as far away as you can.
Tanrei StadiumTanrei Stadium Watch the baseball pitch and line your player up to knock it out of the park.
Homreonbol strokeHomreonbol stroke Hit home a home run in every throw.
Home Run ManiaHome Run Mania Think you can hit a few over the fence? We'll see. Beat these batting challenges and take your game to the majors!
Baseball BeatBaseball Beat Hit every single kind of pitch as accurate as you can.
Big Joes Homerun ChallengeBig Joes Homerun Challenge It's homerun derby time! Play as Big Joe and try to smash as many baseballs out of the park as you can.
Spongebob Slammin SlaggerSpongebob Slammin Slagger Play a game of baseball with Spongebob and his friends.
Chicken Little Batting PracticeChicken Little Batting Practice Help Chicken Little score some runs.
Baseball ShootBaseball Shoot Hit the ball as hard and far as you can.
Baseball JuicedBaseball Juiced Hit as many home runs as you can each season and try to become MVP.
Stealin HomeStealin Home Steal the bases and make it back home to score a point.
Succession Boy Friends of Ms Paris HiltonSuccession Boy Friends of Ms Paris Hilton Level 1 Paris Hilton ends her loneliness and has started dating Jared Leto. Help out the couple to kiss the other passionately, while riding in a roller-coaster without getting caught. Level 2 In the year of 2003, Paris Hilton started to go out with Deryck Whibley, a Canadian musician. Make Paris Hilton to kiss Deryck Whibley without getting caught. Level 3 This time, Paris Hilton is dating Paris Latsis, a Socialite. On the road, make them to kiss each other without getting caught. Level 4 Everything changes! And now it is Benji Madden. In the press meet, make Paris Hilton to kiss Benji Madden without inviting the photographer’s attention. Level 5 Paris Hilton dating story continues! This time, it is with the American baseball player, Doug Reinhardt. Near the water fountain, make the couple kiss passionately without being noticed.
Ultimate BaseballUltimate Baseball Hit as many home runs as you can before the timer runs out.
Baseball GameBaseball Game Throw the a fast pitches and hit homerun for your team.
Homerun ManiaHomerun Mania Hit the ball for as long as you can.
Baseball TeamBaseball Team Teamwork is everything in this baseball game!
Marla Sokoloff Dress UpMarla Sokoloff Dress Up Born and raised in San Francisco, Marla Sokoloff moved to Los Angeles in 1994 and enrolled in the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, where she studied theater and music. She won numerous awards and accolades for her singing, performing the national anthem at such high profile events as the Oakland A's baseball games and for the USO. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, Marla began landing roles on several popular television series including "Home Improvement" (1991), "Party of Five" (1994), "3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996), and "7th Heaven" (1996). On the big screen, she has appeared in the films The Baby-Sitters Club (1995), True Crime (1996), and Whatever It Takes (2000).
ZombielandZombieland ZombielandHit the baseballs and other objects into the incoming zombies to keep them at bay.
Super BaseballSuper Baseball Get the bigger score batting the balls that the pitcher is throwing you.
Baseball ChampionshipBaseball Championship Help Mickey's team to win!
Backyard Sports Sandlot SluggersBackyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers First you will be asked to choose a player and a team to bat for.You must then complete several levels to improve your batting. Each level will present you with a different task to achieve in order to proceed.You must work your way up from batting in Pablo’s Sandlot, through the Commons until you are playing in Garcia’s Mansion.Every 2,500 points earn a Firebat that makes the ball too hot to handle! At 10,000 points earn a Meteor Ball that gives you a 100% chance of a homerun!
Urban BaseballUrban Baseball Battle the urban jungle with your baseball in hand!
Winnie The Poohs Home Run DerbyWinnie The Poohs Home Run Derby Clear a level by hitting the target number of home runs shown on the screen.
Arcade BaseballArcade Baseball Hit as many balls into the highlighted sections of the field as you can. The green sections award 100 points; the beige sections award 200 points; the blue sections award 300 points. Each level has a minimum score that you need to reach in order to unlock the next level.
Cartoons BaseballCartoons Baseball A nice and cool version of Baseball game! Throw pitches, hit home run to win!
Orange JuiceOrange Juice Shoot the juice on the glass.
Zombie BaseballZombie Baseball Undead zombies attacked your home and you do not have any other weapons but the baseball bat. Your wife is throwing the balls as the pitcher from the balcony and you have to hit the balls precisely so that those hit the zombies. Stop as many zombies as possible by hitting them with the baseballs. First let the ball to hit the ground to bounce up and then hit it accurately to hit zombies. Try to hit the zombies’ heads to cut them off with the ball for double score. Use A key to hit the ball with your primary bat and press S key to use the secondary bat which would not be available at first.
Cosmic SluggerCosmic Slugger Play a game of Baseball with Lilo and Stitch characters.
Scoby Doos MVP Baseball SlamScoby Doos MVP Baseball Slam Play a game of Baseball with Scooby Doo and his enemy ghosts.
Protege Stick BasketballProtege Stick Basketball What’s better than sticks playing ball? Sticks playing ball in dope shoes! From dropping bombs from long distance or taking it to the hoop, these shoes are built to ball. Pick your team, then play either to 21, a single match or go for the tourney win!
Beach BaseballBeach Baseball In this baseball game, it's all about precision. First you have to aim carefully so you don't hit the ball too high or too low. Then you have to try to bat it towards the round landing zone and hit it in a manner that it flies far enough. Are you up for the challenge?

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