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Frat Boy Beer PongFrat Boy Beer Pong Try to beat the frat boy at his own game.
TrapshootTrapshoot In the ten rounds of shotgun mayhem you can choose to shoot clay pigeons, chickens or beer cans. Happy hunting!
Drunken MastersDrunken Masters Epic Bartending Action. Perform tricks and signature moves to impress customers and keep them entertained while you mix drinks on your adventure to become a true Drunken Master.
Beer GolfBeer Golf Mini golf and beer all all in the same place.
Christmas PartyChristmas Party How many drinks can Santa handle?
George Wants BeerGeorge Wants Beer George needs you! After a night of non-stop drinking, he desperately needs to come home fast. His faith lies in your hands.
Homers Beer RunHomers Beer Run Help Homer catch all the falling beers and bring it to his car, but be sure to avoid the flaming ones.
Project DCK Drunk KlunkProject DCK Drunk Klunk Try to drink beer as much as possible without falling
American Pie Beer ChuggerAmerican Pie Beer Chugger Don't leave your fraternity bros hanging! as a lowly pledge, you've got to prove you're Beta material by becoming the Pledge Bartender.
J2O GameJ2O Game Here's your chance to prove you're the perfect marksman! Simply aim the white cross inside the bowl, and don't soak your trainers! If you splash too much, you'd better try again!
Selvamanis Bir BarSelvamanis Bir Bar Get Working, be quick and serve the thirsty folks as they come. Not to forget, broken mugs and customers dissatisfaction could mean the end of the road for you.
Warm GameWarm Game This game was developed to promote a beer brand. Something bad is happening in your city. You have many tasks to complete before escaping the city and meeting at the pub. These include finding and rescuing your mates and girlfriend as well as other assigned missions.
Beer Dude 2Beer Dude 2 Collect as much beer as possible. But beware! Office men in suits are milling about and if they get their hands on you, they will take your life as well as your beer.
A Day of SlackingA Day of Slacking Are you a true slacker? Drink beer, eat ice cream, mess with the boss..
Hold your DrinkHold your Drink Hold your glass still and try not to spill your bear as long as you can!
Defend your KegDefend your Keg You have the last keg on earth. Can you defend it from all the THIRSTY BASTARDS?
HonkmanHonkman Help our hero Larry acquire some of life's essentials (beer & porn) while escaping the vile clutches of his wife Edith.
Bettys Beer BarBettys Beer Bar You have to serve the beer to the customer before they get angry
Cross The StreetCross The Street Serve your customers as a street waiter and get there orders across the street.
Beer MonsterBeer Monster Collect all the beers and head for the exit.
Brave the BarBrave the Bar Deliver the beer to your buddies without getting bump in the crowd.
Beer DudeBeer Dude Drink all the beer you can without getting caught by your boss.
Sittin At A BarSittin At A Bar Keep your balance as you continue to drink more and more. Don't tip over or it's game over.
Tips and TapTips and Tap Work as bartender and serve the people the drinks they love.
Beer Trapper Gone WildBeer Trapper Gone Wild Be the fastest barman in the South in this beer-flinging test of speed and skill.
More BeerMore Beer Use pipes to connect the top of the kegs to the bar. The more you use, the more points you get each second. Once the keg is empty, the pipes will collapse. Watch the timer! Unless you keep the beer coming the game will end.
The BarThe Bar Working as bartender your job is to serve drink as quickly as possible
Pass the PintPass the Pint Pass the pint from leprechaun to leprechaun. "DRUNK" (red-faced) leprechauns will disappear after ONE PASS. "SOBER"(pale-faced) leprechauns will disappear after TWO PASSES.
Pub DartsPub Darts Brush up on your virtual tossing skills - without the rank stench of day-old beer and day-old drunkards to distract you!
Beer PongBeer Pong Beer Pong is a drinking game that college students have been playing ever since red plastic cups and cheap beer were invented. Now Liquid Generation is bring
Simpsons PacmanSimpsons Pacman Guide Homer around the maze, while gathering doughnuts when you gather all the doughnuts in the maze, you go onto the next level. Homer can drink a Duff beer to defeat enemies like Snake. He goes crazy when he drinks one. But Homer can only stay drunk for a limited amount of time.
Aim Inside the BowlAim Inside the Bowl Aim the white cross inside the bowl and tinkle without soil the floor.
One for the RoadOne for the Road Set your speed, choose how hard to brake, and see if you can stop in time! At the end of each level you can Get a Taxi and save your score, or Get a Drink and take a risk. But be aware, the more you drink the harder it gets and you could lose your hard-earned score!Brake too hard and it's Game Over!Don't brake in time and it's Game Over and you'll lose your score!
Jacks BeerJacks Beer Can you keep everyone with filled beer?
Ding DongDing Dong Without the power bells, the magical music ship won't fly!
Beer FestivalBeer Festival Try your skill in this beer serving task! Fill up the empty glass with beer to serve it to individuals.
BeertenderBeertender Fill the glass with beer for as many as you can.
Image Disorder Sandra BullockImage Disorder Sandra Bullock Thanks to the similar nature of the characters she has played, Sandra Bullock seems like the kind of girl who would wear jeans and a T-shirt on your date, and the two of you would end up at the local bowling alley drinking draft beer and secretly making fun of the people in the lane beside you. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. Your mom would want to show her your baby albums immediately, and it wouldn't take long before your father insisted that she call him "dad."
Mischa Barton Dress UpMischa Barton Dress Up Even though we've always preferred Rachel Bilson, there's no denying Mischa Barton's natural beauty. Her gazelle-like frame, gaunt cheek bones, and saucer eyes, often soaked with sadness, lend her a redeeming quality that the Lohans and Hiltons of the world lack. That's why it pained us when the former Calvin Klein model resident of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People In The World" list dated several inductees into the greasebag hall of fame including Cisco Adler, Brandon Davis and The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard. When paparazzi photos of a much plumper Barton surfaced recently, the reeling actress was forced to defend her physical transformation, citing dental work as the cause of her puffy face. Right, and dental work is why we have a beer gut too.
College Beer PongCollege Beer Pong A drinking Game! Throw the ping-pong ball into the any of the cup found on the table.Select the type of angle and power range from the panel.When the angle and power is selected, click on the ball to toss it.If you fail to throw the ping-pong ball into the cup, you will have to take a gulp of beer.If the beer level exceeds the bar, you will lose the game. Complete each level successfully to unlock the young girl dress, one by one.
Mind Me Bloody BeerMind Me Bloody Beer Try not to spill the beer for as long as you can.
Irish RageIrish Rage Irish Rage is a funny game for St Patrick's Day where you fight as many Irish buddies as you can to access new levels and drink beers to unlock fun cheats. Hilarious and challenging.
Orange Girl TakedownOrange Girl Takedown Well look at that: one of those beer babes in a very short dress is running over the football field! Keep her out of the hands of the outraged soccer fans, keep evading them for as long as you can.
Rush DraughtRush Draught You are bartender in a bar and need to serve all the beers the customers order you and gather the empty jars.
Leapy Louie Ground SkeeperLeapy Louie Ground Skeeper Cut the herbs quickly. Move with the arrow keys. Press the space bar to jump and start playing. Gather beers to get life.

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