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Cure The BunnyCure The Bunny This bunny needs to have an operation - help to save his life!
Bugs Bunny DressupBugs Bunny Dressup Dressup the bunny just the way you like it.
Bugs Bunny Dress UpBugs Bunny Dress Up Dress Bug's Bunny Up.
Nesquik QuestNesquik Quest Help bunny to get a glass of Nesquik in this adventure game!
Love Bunnies Dress UpLove Bunnies Dress Up dress up the 2 cute girls with bunny costumes.
BreederBreeder Welcome to breeder. You will start off with two rabbits, one male, one female. By clicking and dragging the male to the female you will initiate a "breeding session". After a short gestation period a baby rabbit will emerge. When the baby rabbit becomes an adult rabbit, it too may be involved in a "breeding session" and so on and so forth.

What to do

1. breed males to females; 2. move them out of the way of meteors; 3. move them away from the electric fence; 4. breed 8 rabbits to win the game.

What not to do

1. breed males to males (they are not that way inclined); 2. breed from pregnant rabbits (it's the hormones, don't ask); 3. let baby rabbits play near the electric fence; 4. feed the rabbits (they don't need to eat as they are not real)
Give Trees a ChanceGive Trees a Chance Jump over the rabbits as you run around the planet grabbing and planting trees.
Bugs Bunny and Cecil in Mad DashBugs Bunny and Cecil in Mad Dash An epic battle between a rabbit and a turtle
Bugs Bunny Home Run DerbyBugs Bunny Home Run Derby Swing the pitches as they cross the plate and hit enough home runs to go to the next level.
Whoa BabyWhoa Baby Something is awfully wrong in Dimmsdale. An inexplicable army of fuzzy but furious bunnies and delicious but dangerous ice cream monsters have invaded the town. It's up to Timmy, with the help of Cosmo and Wanda, to save the day yet again!
Jessica Rabbit PaperdollJessica Rabbit Paperdoll A cool paper doll game with the model Jessica Rabbit from "Who Fr5amed Rogger Rabbit". Try to dress her up in rabbit bunny suits!
Mr WaltersMr Walters Collect all carrots, get to the elevator and go to the next level.
Carrot CoutureCarrot Couture Dress up this super cute bunny with all the available styles and dresses. Have fun!
Fashion BunnyFashion Bunny Dress these stylish and sexy bunny
Mr Walters Grand ExcursionMr Walters Grand Excursion Grab carrots as you grapple from platform to platform. Rescue smiley friends in later levels.
Smartman Thme Park ThrillerSmartman Thme Park Thriller Find all snack shacks before the zombie mascots catches you.
Easter EggedEaster Egged You have 60 seconds to save the poor bunny from being clobbered by the unwanted eggs!
Panik in Platform PerilPanik in Platform Peril Jump as the blue bunny and throw cookies at the enemies while grabbing the other items in the level.
Hit the RabbitHit the Rabbit Hit the giant bunnies with the hammer or will finish with you.
Battle GardenBattle Garden Great shooter from the creators of Gunny Bunny. Shoot the guys that appear in the garden. Great 3D!
Bunnies and EggsBunnies and Eggs Help the easter bunnies get across to get their eggs.
Jackhammer RampageJackhammer Rampage Jump up and down on your jack hammer running over bunny rabbits.
Running RiotRunning Riot Run and jump and swing your hammer at the evil bunnies. One touch from a bunny and you're dead.
The Island of Dr MoronThe Island of Dr Moron Grab the carrots and weapons to take down your enemies. Don't let the monsters kill Bugs Bunny.
Rabbit WeddingRabbit Wedding How wonderful! A pair of rabbits are about to get married. Help them get ready for the big day.
Bunny BountyBunny Bounty Hungry bunnies have invaded your farm! Prevent them from stealing your crops by knocking them down with your slingshot. Take aim using the mouse cursor and fire with the left mouse button. Earn bounty points when bunnies get knocked out!
Bugs vs DaffyBugs vs Daffy Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were supposed to go helmet to helmet for the coveted Golden Gridiron Trophy. Instead, Daffy has recruited a team of burly goons to play for him
James BunnyJames Bunny As BunnyPenny briefs you on the situation, it's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by dirty stinking rats to starve the bunny nation. Shoot those evil rats in this great side-scrolling shoot 'em up.
Color RabbitColor Rabbit The aim of the game is to shoot down the little furry thigs before they get you but they need to be shot with the same color.
Honey BunnyHoney Bunny Fly around in your honey balloon and pick up pots shoot down bats and use turbo.
The Indian ShakirThe Indian Shakir Shoot the bunnies, the birds and the deers. Don't kill the tigers because few of them are left in the forest.
Bunny BuilderBunny Builder Build the most interesting bunny you could think of.
Bunny GrabBunny Grab Help the Nesquik Bunny grab as many glasses as he can before the time runs out!
Driving Home at EasterDriving Home at Easter Drive home without hitting too many bunnies!
Halloween ClashHalloween Clash In this game you choose to be an Easter rabbit, a cupid or a Santa and your goal is to protect your house from Halloween pumpkin head monsters.
Bunny AdventureBunny Adventure Be brave little bunny!! there is a long and dangerous journey ahead! Help the bunny get through the evil castle and collect some coins and carrots.
My Cute Pets 2My Cute Pets 2 How long can you keep your cute pets the kitten, puppy, hamster, and bunny happy?
Bunny BounceBunny Bounce Help the bunnies cross the river using wooden log.
Revenge of Jin XonRevenge of Jin Xon Help Hunny bunny get back her love from the clutches of evil. Time is running out so make sure you hurry up.
Bunny TrapBunny Trap Check out the immensely mind-bending puzzle game. Try to prevent bunny rabbit from escaping!
Maze Game Game Play 12Maze Game Game Play 12 Help the starving rabbit to get its favorite carrots.
Funny BunnyFunny Bunny Collect all eggs and avoid obstacles along the way.
Carrot SweeperCarrot Sweeper Help Bugs Bunny pick the carrots from Elmer's garden but be careful! avoid the carrots that Elmer is hiding under.
Bubble MasterBubble Master Bubbles you wish to pop? Very good. Turtle and Bunny powerups you must honor. Skills you must practice! Only then will bubbles pop for you.
Larry and Friends Egg o ManiaLarry and Friends Egg o Mania Catch as many eggs as you can.
BunnyBoomBunnyBoom Keep the green bunnies from grabbing your carrot. Type the letters that are above them.
Funny Bunny GameFunny Bunny Game Jump and grab carrots and avoid fires and bears. Careful, those fires are sometimes hard to spot.
Easter EggEaster Egg In this game, first observe the popping up act of the characters from the egg. You will have to click the eggs from which the Bunny pops out, according to the order of the popping up act, which took place during your observation. Only the eggs with Bunnies will have to be clicked, as per the order observed, and the eggs with the other characters that pop out in between the Bunnies will have to be avoided.
WhompWhomp you are a bunny protecting Easter eggs from moles.
Bunny Invasion 2Bunny Invasion 2 Bunnies, horrid bloodthirsty bunnies, are back again. Keep the pub safe from long-eared invaders!
Bugs Bunnys Hopping Carrot HuntBugs Bunnys Hopping Carrot Hunt The carrot truck has spilled its cargo Help Bugs Bunny gather all the carrots that have fallen out of the truck.
Kumagoro Fly FlyKumagoro Fly Fly Try to collect all the carrots with this pink rabbit, but watch out for the mean birds. If you reach the exit, you move on to the next level.
Animal ShelterAnimal Shelter You are running an animal shelter. You have 4 rooms for different types of animals. Your goal is to make sure all animals in these rooms are happy and taken care of. You can click on every animal to see its status and perform actions such as feeding the animal, playing with it etc. The rooms must be cleaned every once in a while. If you do your work well, you'll earn money. You'll need it to buy supplies, equipment and decoration.
Rabbids to the MoonRabbids to the Moon Move from spot to spot and collect stuff. The larger the grouping, the more stuff collected.
Devilish Pet SalonDevilish Pet Salon When the angel's away, the devil will play!
Bunny Ice-Cream MakerBunny Ice-Cream Maker Invent the bestest ice-cream combo ever made, then feed it to the little bunny for a taste test!
The Hungry BunnyThe Hungry Bunny Take on the role of the hungry bunny, trying to free up as many fruits from the evil bubbles by shooting them with your shotgun, then eat them to satisfy your hunger.

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