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Hot Dog BushHot Dog Bush "Ever wonder what President George "Dubya" Bush will be doing once he leaves the White House?
Well, we wondered too and voted for him to run a hot dog stand, in the city that never sleeps - New York!"

Start your hot-dog stand in the Bronx, earn your cash and try to move up to Wall Street.
Pizza MakingPizza Making Make delicious Italian pizzas.
Top That DeuxTop That Deux Serve people some salad and sandwiches.
Frenzy KitchenFrenzy Kitchen Help Goofy prepare the meal for some Disney Character.
Mom ManiaMom Mania Serve the kids with some Mac and Cheese.
Fun and BurgerFun and Burger Look out! You've got to make hamburgers. Take a look at the ingredients and put them together one at a time to make each hamburger delicious. When you're done click on the box.
Spongebob Square Pants Flip or FlopSpongebob Square Pants Flip or Flop Help Spongebob make as many Krabby Patties as he can before his breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts are over! Watch out for special orders and watch out for Patrick, he is hungry.
Burger RestaurantBurger Restaurant Like all restaurant sims, time is a factor in Burger Restaurant. Your customers have a limited amount of patience, and taking too long to prepare orders means bad business.

Get ready to serve milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top!
Dinner PartyDinner Party Help! The guest will be here any minute and nothing is ready! Be sure not to serve the wrong thing or you'll lose points.
DrinksDrinks Make some delicious hot tea and ice tea to your customers.
Marionette MadnessMarionette Madness This chef isn't very good but the mouse is a big help. You can help too by gathering the ingredients so they can get cooking.
Magic BakingMagic Baking An interactive way for you to learn how to bake.
Pancake DayPancake Day Learn how to make a perfect pancake.
How to Cook a TurkeyHow to Cook a Turkey If you like to eat turkey, then you'll like this game where you learn how to cook a delicious turkey. It takes some time to cook a turkey, and be sure not to get the kitchen too messy.
Better BBQ ChallengeBetter BBQ Challenge Take your trusty spatula and flip the gourmet items at the perfect cooking point. Flip too early and you'll lose points.
Kitchen QueensKitchen Queens Mix ingredients in the bowl, bake a cake and decorate it following the pattern.
Pizza ShackPizza Shack Serve the people with some Fries, shakes and Pizza.
Sandwich Cooking GameSandwich Cooking Game Make the most delicious sandwich ever. With some proper ingredients it's just a piece of cake.
Cake HouseCake House Create a cake that not only looks good, but tastes good to. Can you create the perfect cake?
Ongs Sister KitchenOngs Sister Kitchen Bake cookies and pastries before times run out.
Hollie Hobby and FriendsHollie Hobby and Friends Help Holly Hobbie and her friends run their lemonade stand by completing 3 levels of fun. Earn a coloring page for each level you complete. Get points and complete tasks to unlock items to decorate your coloring pages
Fairy CookingFairy Cooking Bake some cakes for your lovely customer.
Tropical Fruit SaladTropical Fruit Salad Get the ingredients Abuela needs.
BreakfastBreakfast It's morning and you have to cook and serve for breakfast. Serve them as quick as you can.
Mr Meaty Holiday HavocMr Meaty Holiday Havoc The client's order appears on the order screen. A regular order means that all the ingredients must be used on the log. Some clients might request one or more ingredient less than the regular recipe. Watch out Vermin! Squash them with your spatula to avoid them from stealing your meat logs. You have 2 minutes to feed at least 3 clients! Get to work!
CookingCooking Try to bake as many loaves of bread as possible!
Burger WorldBurger World It's called Fast Food for a reason - time is everything. Follow the orders at the top of the game to complete your burger.
Cooking Mexican FajitasCooking Mexican Fajitas Help Abuela cook her delicious Fajitas.
Kookin KidzKookin Kidz Catch little kids and drop them in the cooking pot.
Abbattis PizzaAbbattis Pizza Create different kinds of pizza and stop the pest trying to get a bite to your pizza.
Ramen Cooking GameRamen Cooking Game I know you college people cook this at least twice a week! People who are not in college yet, learn how to cook ramen! This tasty but fattening treat is irresistible. Serve it to hungry business men.
Cute ChefCute Chef Dress up this cute chef to get her ready for her cooking show.
MoldMold Pick the right mold for the cookies
Madrasi DhabaMadrasi Dhaba Serve as many customer as possible in the Dhaba. With each day you make good business, the Dhaba gets popular and rush customers to dhaba increases. Keep track of each customers patience meter to keep the game going!
Chjop Chop Chip ShopChjop Chop Chip Shop Serve some tasty chips to the customers.
Chinese Lemon ChickenChinese Lemon Chicken Help Abuela cook her delicious dish.
Sushi OishiSushi Oishi You work in a sushi-bar and you have to make sushi for your customers. They are all very hungry! Make good sushi so as not to make them angry.
Bake PancakesBake Pancakes Cook the pancakes until they're gold on one side, then flip them over and brown the other side. Don't let them burn!
Make a PizzaMake a Pizza It's to make and bake a pizza.
Pancake ManPancake Man Flip the pancake and get high score but don't wait too long or your pancake will stick to the ceiling! And don't forget to catch it after it flips.
Hot DishHot Dish Go on a culinary adventure like no other in this gastric-busting Time Management game! Build your career one dish at a time as you start at the bottom of the culinary ladder as a line cook in a local Italian restaurant with dreams of one day becoming a world class 5 Star French chef. Master the timing and accuracy needed to bring simple dishes to the table by executing their various steps and combining ingredients at the right times to create food your customers and the critics will love!
Make MacaroniMake Macaroni You'll have to make macaroni in sauce. At the end, you'll be judged. cook the ingredients the way your shown intitally in the introduction. To play you press the green button and to cook the food, you use the yellow. Make sure you don't over or under cook it though.
Burger BarBurger Bar Serve your customer food fast and delicious.
Sue Leahs Confrontation SyuwaSue Leahs Confrontation Syuwa Help Sue cook for her boyfriend.
Salad DaySalad Day Make a perfect and delicious salad.
Sues Cooking GameSues Cooking Game Put all ingredients in the pot, pour hot water, wait until your soup boils and put the pot on the tray!
Egg and HotdogsEgg and Hotdogs Cook some tasty and delicious sunny side ups and hotdogs.
The Prince of YakinkuThe Prince of Yakinku You are a cook of the Japanese restaurant skilled in preparing Yakinku.
Sue ChocolateSue Chocolate Help sue make tasty chocolates and turn her into a very beautiful woman.
BBQ ChallengeBBQ Challenge Grill some tasty BBQ but avoid burning the food.
Chinese PopcycleChinese Popcycle Make serve some ice cold Popsicle for the little kids.
Cooking Fish BreadCooking Fish Bread Make and bake a very delicious fish bread and sell it to people.
Cookie MakerCookie Maker Help Sue make a cookies.
Bread MakingBread Making In this game you need to make bread. You start from mixing flour, water and milk to make dough and must pass all the required steps to actually make bread. Sometimes you'll need objects you have on the table, so try clicking them to find out what they're needed for. Your time is limited, and the more bread you make before it ends, the better.
BBQ HeroBBQ Hero You are the grill master for your family cookout. Your family will tell you what to cook and you will cook it for them and stop the fatboy who wants to eat your food.
Chicken BBQChicken BBQ Grill some chicken BBQ but be careful chicken cooks really fast.
How to Bake a Chocolate CakeHow to Bake a Chocolate Cake Learn how to bake the most delicious cake ever.

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