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The Pick of Destiny 2The Pick of Destiny 2 Coming in at over 15 MB is another skill testing DDR like game. Push the arrows just right.
Floss Floss Dance and TossFloss Floss Dance and Toss Dance Dance Revolution similar game with live action dancers.
High School CheerleaderHigh School Cheerleader Want to make the squad? Show us what you've got! Give me an A! Give me a G!
You got stuffed and servedYou got stuffed and served Has Lil' Drumstix got game or is he lame? It's up to you to decide when you match moves against King Dindon Furious. Be warned: Feathers will fly!
We Dancing OnlineWe Dancing Online Press the right arrow keys and dance!
Draw Your Cartoon CharacterDraw Your Cartoon Character This is a very cool one. You will be drawing your own character with its body parts. Just click first the box with the part name and draw the part. You may choose from some cool colors and if you're finished, you can click animate and watch him dance. Very cool.
The Return Of The Dance Bar GirlsThe Return Of The Dance Bar Girls Try to escape the club without being caught by a dancing girl. If you're caught you start over.
Dance Dunk offDance Dunk off Match your moves to the flashing icons when they turn green.
Jungle JiggyJungle Jiggy Get perfect hits in a row to win combos.
Pup IdolPup Idol Be quick and draw lines to direct the balls to the right dog. Draw circles around black balls.
Honey DanceHoney Dance Help Honey get her moves on.
Dancing BushDancing Bush Dance the night away in disco style.
Tazs Dance FeverTazs Dance Fever Help Taz through his dance moves.
Strawberry Shortcake DanceStrawberry Shortcake Dance Follow the dance steps Strawberry's giving to you.
Warriors Orochi DDRWarriors Orochi DDR Push the right arrow as they pass over. Starts off very easy, then gets insane.
Mad Dog SquadMad Dog Squad Pick up your pom poms and make your own routine.
SimoneSimone Look at how Simone dances, remember her moves and repeat them making click over the correspondent image. Your objective is to get 15 points.
Sue CheerleaderSue Cheerleader Watch the cheerleaders moves, then pick the same moves for your cheerleader to do.
Wiggi Dance AcademyWiggi Dance Academy Follow the Wiggis dance moves. Try to keep up as she starts to really bust a move.
Boom Chica Boom BoomBoom Chica Boom Boom Catch the fruits on her head! Be careful, once she stat dancing, she can't stop until she catch eight pieces to make a lovely fruity shake drink. Watch out for the monkey!
Robot Dance BattleRobot Dance Battle Grab the correct music icons to blast the other robot. Be quick, the other robot is trying to grab them too!
Dance RevolutionDance Revolution Help this ambitious skeleton fulfill his goals of becoming the world's first dancing skeleton champion. Dance revolution at its finest!
Dancing HilaryDancing Hilary Dance the night away in disco style.
Dunce Dunce RevolutionDunce Dunce Revolution Push the arrows as they pass over the arrows on the screen. Multiple levels to pass.
Totally Spies DanceTotally Spies Dance Help the Totally spies do a perfect dance routine. If you miss one. you will fall. If all three fall down game over and try again.
Princess MakerPrincess Maker Dance to the rhythm of music. Not miss much or you will make to cry the girl.
Dancer in Sky Dress UpDancer in Sky Dress Up This girl is in dancing heaven. Give her some sparkling clothes.
PingoPingo This cute little buddy will let you interact with him and play with him, do some dancing, play ball and amaze him with some magical sparks. Just click on the box for options. This is one cool interactive game. Enjoy!
Gorillaz Groove SessionGorillaz Groove Session In this game you must repeat the computer's dance moves to the beat of the Gorillaz song "Feel Good Inc".

The computer will perform a series of four moves to the first drumbeats. When the light shines on your player you must repeat the computer's moves to the next drum beats.
Princess Maker 4Princess Maker 4 Press the right arrow key when the arrow on the board reaches the top.
Dancing QueenDancing Queen A Dance Dance Revolution type game, press the right keys to dance.
Dancing Queen 2Dancing Queen 2 Dance till you drop in this wonderful game.
Rave SlaveRave Slave Akus Nefarius DJ has hypnotized the dancers with his music. Avoid them and destroy all the speakers.
Dance MatchDance Match Make the dancers the color they're suppose to be and try to complete as many dances as possible.
Dancing Girl Dress UpDancing Girl Dress Up This dancing queen has a lot of dresses to wear during her dance sessions. Choose your favorite and dress her up!
Trop Ca Rend SoundTrop Ca Rend Sound Dance with as much as you like with other people but avoid getting to match noise pollution.
Hip Hop Dont StopHip Hop Dont Stop Press the arrow keys to in the correct order to get the dancing going. Speeds up later on.
Whatcha GotWhatcha Got This game is a break dance competition. You connect to your opponent via a satellite video channel and start dancing. In each new turn the participant must repeat all previous moves of his opponent and to add new one. The opponent repeats everything including the new move and the sequence keeps growing.
TenminicheuTenminicheu You have ten minutes to make a very cool dance drill.
Dancing Madeline Dress UpDancing Madeline Dress Up Get Madeline dolled up in some dancing gear!
Sears DJ Dance MasterSears DJ Dance Master Hey DJ, keep the beat and bust a move! It's the first school dance of the year and you it's time to make an impression. Square off against your school's hottest DJs and get the crowd hopping.
Lets DanceLets Dance Follow the fruits selected to act the dance steps.
Bravo BoogieBravo Boogie Get johnny's groove on! Follow the patterns display on screen. Don't miss a moves in one round or johnny will go home brokenhearted for sure.
Phixx Phixx Euro MixPhixx Phixx Euro Mix Press the arrows as they roll over the other arrows to make your team dance.
Three Dancing FairiesThree Dancing Fairies Three Dancing Fairies is an educational fun math game. The game has 3 levels of difficulty and exercises for Addition. Objective of the game is to answer correctly all given exercises as fast as possible.
Race for LifeRace for Life Try to keep the dance steps pressing the appropriate arrow key when the arrows get to the bottom part of the screen.
Race for Life Warm up WorkoutRace for Life Warm up Workout Try to keep the dance steps pressing the appropriate arrow key when the arrows get to the bottom part of the screen.
Dancing with Jim CarreyDancing with Jim Carrey Jim Carrey can move, that's for sure. You decide how he moves, to what music and where he dances. If you like the moves, dance with him. If you don't, whack him a little.
Dance Dance BoboliDance Dance Boboli Help this amusing tiger to follow the music steps.
Shop N Dress Food Roll Game Latin Dance DressShop N Dress Food Roll Game Latin Dance Dress Pick the perfect dress for dirty dancing but you must earn money first before you start to shop.
Ariel Water BalletAriel Water Ballet Making Ariel dance her water ballet is fun and easy.
Robo Dance BattleRobo Dance Battle Earn points by outscoring your opponent in a round. Hit hour opponents with attacks and deflect your opponents attack.
Diamond DiscoDiamond Disco Do you wanna be the best disco dancer? Dance like Saturday Night Fever with this great game. Use the arrow keys to follow the dance steps and beat to all your adversaries.
Peppy s Cody Linley Dress UpPeppy s Cody Linley Dress Up Cody Martin Linley (born November 20, 1989) is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his recurring role as Jake Ryan in the television series Hannah Montana and for being a contestant on the seventh season of Dancing With The Stars. Linley was partnered with Julianne Hough. He was eliminated in the semifinals, finishing fourth.
Perpect DancerPerpect Dancer Do some perfect move by following the instructions properly.
Leet Street BoysLeet Street Boys Charm all the girls in the audience with music!
Fired UpFired Up Panthers vs Tigers, The big cheerleader showdown. Actually, it's the only way these dudes will ever get close to cute girls. Help them out.

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