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You got stuffed and servedYou got stuffed and served Has Lil' Drumstix got game or is he lame? It's up to you to decide when you match moves against King Dindon Furious. Be warned: Feathers will fly!
Virtual DrumsVirtual Drums Become a real drum hero! Create whatever sound you want with these drums. Have fun!
Mini DrumProMini DrumPro Play the drums the same as your drum instructor in this DDR-styled game. Can you keep up?
Drum LessonsDrum Lessons Learn how to play the drum by doing what the drum instructor is doing.
Flash RacerFlash Racer Race against other opponents, use machine guns, lasers, oil drums and nitro to win first place.
Donkey BombDonkey Bomb Your target is to collect all the crowns on each level within the time limit, finishing at the top of the screen. Avoid being hit by the Bombs, touching the burning Oil drums, falling off the screen or running out of time, or you lose a life.
Peppy s Jamie Lee Curtis Dress UpPeppy s Jamie Lee Curtis Dress Up Dress our very own Scream Queen or she'll break your eardrums.
Rock Band MakeoverRock Band Makeover This cool guys are playing in their high school rock band and they are very talented musicians. The public loves them and their original songs. They play electric guitars, keyboards and drums and they are very good instrumentalists. The leader of the band is a cool girl who plays guitar and has a wonderful voice. They all want to become famous stars. They also have very cool stage clothes and they became trend-setters in their high school. Help the band prepare for a new show! Dress them up as cool as you can! Choose the clothes you like best for each of them! You can also change the color of their guitars the way you want. Let's rock!
Head BallerHead Baller Using your head, shoot the balls on to the drums and avoid bombs and spiky fruits.
Gikos WonderlandGikos Wonderland In this game you have to defeat the mean drumsticks and other pieces of meat by jumping on them. But watch out that you don't walk into them, because then you'll lose a life. Eat vegetables to get more Super Power.
Bongo Boom BattlegroundsBongo Boom Battlegrounds Wanna Patapon a bit? Well, here you go! In the rhythm strategy game Bongo Boom Battlegrounds you've to tell your army what to to by playing the drums.
Z-Drum 3003Z-Drum 3003 Bang out some beats with 5 different drum styles that are sure to get you rocking!
Circus AcrobatsCircus Acrobats Send the circus acrobat spinning through the air, but make sure he lands safely instead of going splat.Click and drag the trampoline to the appropriate place. Hit the drums to kick off the show. The acrobat needs to bounce off the trampoline and land safely on the mattress in order for the level to be cleared.

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