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Rise of AtlantisRise of Atlantis Bring the legendary continent of Atlantis back to the surface and restore it to its might! In this extraordinary puzzle game with spectacular new features, handy bonuses and explosive power-ups you set out on an adventurous quest around the ancient lands of Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Carthage to gather the three greatest powers of the patron god of the Atlanteans - Poseidon. With about 30 captivating levels of fantastic game play, truly unique twists never seen before and the ability of continuous replay this game will keep you entertained for weeks!
Tetrix 2Tetrix 2 This classic game of tetris has got a new Egyptian themed feature that you will surely enjoy. Have fun!
OsirisOsiris Take on Egyptian Gods on a quest to retrieve the legendary Amulet of Osiris.
Osiris II Curse of OsirisOsiris II Curse of Osiris Take half-god Orchid on an epic quest around the world to find a way to break the curse of Osiris. Fight monsters, solve puzzles and dodge traps in 18 stages spread over 3 continents.
Tobby ToxTobby Tox Avoid the obstacles to reach the top of the temple and get the treasure from the ancient Egyptian ruins.
Artifact CatcherArtifact Catcher Catch all artifacts that is falling.
Mosaic Tomb of MysteryMosaic Tomb of Mystery In this original puzzle game you need to place mosaic pieces onto the board the way they will fit well. Your goal is to completely fill the shape on the board with mosaic pieces. Hurry up because if the space where mosaic pieces fall gets full you lose the game.
Egyptian BattleEgyptian Battle Here is an Egyptian Battle going on, and your role is to defeat 3 Great queens of Egypt by going through 3 levels. Each level consists of 3 rounds, and the one who wins 3 times wins the round. Get ready for the battle..!
Brickshooter EgyptBrickshooter Egypt Unravel the mysteries of ancient hieroglyphs that will help you restore the glorious pyramids. A totally new brain-teasing puzzle experience across 60+ exciting levels with stunning graphics and amazing sound is what Brickshooter Egypt has to offer. Truly original, innovative and extremely addictive gameplay will keep you moving these bricks for hours on end. Crack the intriguing puzzles of the past and unlock the secrets of the pharaohs!Game Controls:

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