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The Classroom 3The Classroom 3 Copy from the geek to pass your tests. Avoid getting caught by the teacher.
FishyFishy Eat the smaller fishes for you to grow bigger, but beware of larger fishes because they will eat you up!
Bush Royal RampageBush Royal Rampage You are President Bush and you must protect the Queen against the baddies that hunts her down. You must also be aware that there are innocent people around that you wouldn't wanna gun down. Good luck and have fun!
Hungry Space 2Hungry Space 2 In the beautiful galaxy of Andromeda Zergimo is a new marad rising to power. But before you can take on the overloard you must grow strong! Eat all aliens that are smaller than you, become larger and score points.
FFX RunnerFFX Runner Your enemies are fanatically determined to drive you off the road. Run away from your chasers and find the path to the safety surviving enemies attack. Check fuel level and car health status by watching indicators on the upper side of the screen. Collect fuel and health bonuses you will find scattered on the track.
Madness Reaction TimeMadness Reaction Time No game is fun when there is no penalty for losing. In this game you’ll have to pay the ultimate price if you fail.
The situation seems highly unfair, as you're staring down the barrel of a gun and the other guy only has the risk of spraining his index finger.

Luckily the adrenaline rush has raised your senses and time seems to slow down as the trigger is slowly pulled back. It only takes a few milliseconds to determine if you are a total hero or a complete idiot.
Bermuda TriangleBermuda Triangle The aim is to test how far you can fly your plane through the Bermuda Triangle dodging the UFOs. If you can survive till the end then surely you can be regarded as a champion pilot.
Bratz Babyz Mall CrawlBratz Babyz Mall Crawl The goal is to find all your friends and the puppy before you can exit! Collect baby bottles for additional points. Running into Duane the bully will cause you to lose one of your friends or a bottle! Don't let him catch you. Keep an eye out for good toys (blue). They'll keep you and you'll earn more points and protect you from Duane and broken toys (red).
Hannah Montana Olivers Treasure HuntHannah Montana Olivers Treasure Hunt Help Oliver use his metal detector and find the treasure but beware of Rico's plane!
Treasure Seas IncTreasure Seas Inc Dive your submarine for treasure. Get money from treasure to buy better sub. Go deeper for more gold
MetroMetro Walk down the subway and avoid bump into anyone before the train leaves.
Music SmashMusic Smash This is the third installment of the series Music MiniGamez. Thank you for all those who enjoyed the other two. This one is a much harder version of Music Stomp, for those who thought Music Stomp a bit too easy, see if you can feel the beat!
Johnny Bravo Back to SenderJohnny Bravo Back to Sender Help Johnny to deliver mails to this lovely ladies.
Robotic FishyRobotic Fishy Try to eat the fish smaller than you. Avoid the ones that are the same size or bigger than you.
Bullet TimeBullet Time You have a split-second to react after the trigger is pulled. Quick reflexes will save your life.

Bullets kill, do not attempt to dodge them in real life, because you won't!
Frogger ClassicFrogger Classic Excellent remake of the classic arcade game.
Freaky FootballFreaky Football Pick up all the beans for energy and try and dodge the defenders as you head for the end-zone to sco.
MindscapeMindscape Try to escape from your delusional state of mind and don't let the monkeys get you!
Garus GetawayGarus Getaway Help Garu get away from Pucca, smash falling noodles by jumping on them and avoid falling hearts full of Pucca love along the way or else Garu will lose ninja power!
Polar Express Ticket ChasePolar Express Ticket Chase Help our hero retrieve his ticket.
Escaping Paris 2Escaping Paris 2 Ask yourself, why is bad porn music playing in the kitchen? Help Paris get out of jail, yet again. Can you avoid becoming one with the roaches?
Ocean SurvivorOcean Survivor Your a Bluefin Tuna and avoid getting caught by fishing vessels as long as you can.
Cat Angel Cookie RescueCat Angel Cookie Rescue Avoid items the mouse is throwing and carry cookies from the box on the right to the respective plates on the table.
Pup WorldPup World You will be given a cute puppy and its up to you how much intelligence he will gain by going on different missions before time runs out. Avoid the doggy distractions and beat the clock. Have fun with your new puppy!
The RaceThe Race As you run you'll encounter every type of imaginable obstacle. Use the arrow to avoid them.
Piglets Big Movie Honey HarvestPiglets Big Movie Honey Harvest Help Piglet collect honey from the hive and also avoid bumping into a killer bee.
All Star DodgeballAll Star Dodgeball Choose your favorite all stars and play against the computer.
Powerpuff Girls Girl PowerPowerpuff Girls Girl Power Locate the villain's hide out in the city, avoid flying matter and then face and destroy the villain.
Racket BalancingRacket Balancing Show your skills in balancing the racket while avoiding the falling balls and collecting power-ups. Enjoy!
The Bank RobberThe Bank Robber Your mission is to rob the bank as quickly as possible. Hire the necessary men, purchase the correct items to unlock doors and plan carefully your entry or else you'll be headed for the jail. Just avoid the lasers, the alarms and the guards and you will be busy counting your money all night long. This is the ultimate heist game ever created. Have fun and enjoy!
The Classroom 2The Classroom 2 Copy your exams from the geek by moving about the classroom but beware of the teacher
CursorCursor The little guy will try to catch your mouse pointer! Try to evade as long as you can!
Rust InhalerRust Inhaler Dodge the strange creatures that roll onto the screen. Some enemies move in strange ways. Avoid them.
Square RunSquare Run Help the square button escape all the obstacles along the way.
Hyundai RacingHyundai Racing Drive this cool car to the finish line.
Beast Bash BewareBeast Bash Beware A monster on the loose in Hotwheels town! Play as the superhero car, or as the city wrecking beast!
Gilera RunnerGilera Runner Get your helmet on and ride your bike and make sure to arrive on time to your appointment!
Break InBreak In Try to avoid being seen by the guards on your way to the exit. As the level gets higher, so is the excitement!
Wile E Rocket RideWile E Rocket Ride Help Wile E. Coyote chase Road Runner by guiding his giant Acme Rocket. Avoid the obstacles and be very fast in doing them before you run out of time. Enjoy!
Love TrailLove Trail Collect all the hearts on your way and avoid the devils, bats and snakes!
El Tomato TornadoEl Tomato Tornado Tomatoes can't hurt you, the baddest wrestler in town, el Tornado! Or can they? In this game, dodge all the tomatoes you can, or get K.O.'ed!
Robot Boy Tommy TakeawayRobot Boy Tommy Takeaway Tommy's been kidnapped by Dr Kamikazi and taken back to his island. Fly to Kamikazi Islang and save Tommy. Use the mouse to avoid the missiles and mouse click to shoot the frogmen. Remember that Robotboy can only shoot when superactivated.
Winx Flight TrainingWinx Flight Training Help Flora collect Flowers and avoid monster trees that she might bump along the way.
Salad DodgerSalad Dodger Help Little Fat kid in his never-ending struggle against the forces of nutrition by collecting junk food whilst avoiding salad. Be careful not to stand in any one place for too long.
Ultimate DodgeballUltimate Dodgeball Hit your opponent with the ball while dodging your opponents attacks!
Harry Potter I Grab the Golden EggHarry Potter I Grab the Golden Egg The first task of the Tri-wizard Tournament. Use your still to grab the golden egg from the dragon.
Maze ManMaze Man The object of the game is to collect all of the yellow icons so you can complete each of the levels. But, make sure you watch out for all of the sneaky and dangerous enemies.
Rap AttackRap Attack Rain down the beats on Hip Hop Doggy. Use the left/right arrows to shake out the tunes--the funkier the groove, the better the score. Give yourself air with the Space bar to avoid crashing into the massive speakers.
BlobberBlobber Eat all balls that are smaller than you and go to the next level.
Fruit RainFruit Rain Try to catch all the falling fruit, but beware of the garbage.
Two Wheeler TraumaTwo Wheeler Trauma You are stuck in a traffic jam. Navigate your bike in between cars, avoiding potholes and people moving around the traffic. Good luck and enjoy!
OJ Master Thief Flash GameOJ Master Thief Flash Game OJ Master Thief Flash Game Description: Sneak around snagging all your football loot back. Don't be seen by others walking around.
Sponge Bob Square Pants Phyramid PerilSponge Bob Square Pants Phyramid Peril The coral hills of bikini bottom are wilking. Sponge Bob can get them blooming again. If you help him stay away from stinging sea creatures.
Tuscani Speed ShotTuscani Speed Shot Drive as fast as you can and evade the obstacles
Frat Boy Blind Date HorrorFrat Boy Blind Date Horror Unfortunately for Austin, his love life hasn't been going too well lately. His fraternity brothers pitch in to try to help him, but much to Austin's dismay it seems every girl they set him up with turns out to be an absolute horror!

At each date, Austin must evade his blind date but still accomplish certain task. Help him accomplish his task without letting his bad date catch up to him. You will only be caught if she gets to you, but beware that she moves a little faster once you are in her line of sight.
The ClassroomThe Classroom You are Alex, a boy that just can't study, so simply you just cheat on tests. The last 10 days of school are here and so are the 10 final knowledge tests. What to do? Cheat! Just avoid the field of vision of the teacher.
Scooby Doo ConstructionScooby Doo Construction Go down the hill and help Scooby catch up with shaggy.

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