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Clear Vision 2Clear Vision 2 Accomplish various sniping missions.

Between missions you´ll find out about this sniper´s dark past. Will he learn from his mistakes and turn evil to good?

Warning: violent content.

Filesize is almost 10Mb, so it takes a while to load.
Phosphor BetaPhosphor Beta Phosphor is a first-person shooter created with Macromedia Director (links will open in new window). The Shockwave Player allows the game to run within a web browser on Windows and Mac OS computers. Both single player (with AI-controlled bots) and multiplayer (using peer-to-peer Internet or LAN connections) game modes are supported.
Hover TanksHover Tanks Blast away at your opponents to set a highscore in this awesome 3D first-person shooter.
Terrorist ShootoutTerrorist Shootout Arm yourself and take those hostile terrorists!
Flash CrisisFlash Crisis Shoot against the time limit. Get a kill per shot to receive a massive bonus. Your final score depends on your accuracy so shoot carefully.
Celebrity Fight ClubCelebrity Fight Club Boxing match against some top known celebrity. Knock them to the knees. Beat David Hasselhoff, Puff Diddy, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
D Day in NormandyD Day in Normandy Great shooting game based on the war in Normandy!
Battlefield Flash VersionBattlefield Flash Version Kill enemies with your weapon. You got 100 health and 30 bullets per magazine. Good luck!
Pearl Harbor 1941Pearl Harbor 1941 Shoot all incoming kamikaze pilot and protect pearl harbor.
Xiao Xiao No 4Xiao Xiao No 4 The fourth installment to the best stickman shooting game. Enjoy!
Metroid GenesisMetroid Genesis A first person shooting game. Where you can shoot freaky aliens like floating brains in different colors.
The StrangersThe Strangers A good sniper game that has good graphics and multiple sniper positions to switch to.
Mission R4 JuneMission R4 June A group of terrorists have invaded your street, your mission is to kill them all.
Order to GoOrder to Go The town is infiltrated by rebels and it's your job to to drove them away.
Frantic ShooterFrantic Shooter A very fun first person shooter that includes stickman action.
Indestructo ChopperIndestructo Chopper Sometimes, you gotta go airborne. Knock those baddies from the skies, before you go boom! Campaign and Survival modes, upgrades and more!
Quake 3 ForeverQuake 3 Forever Awesome remake of the PC game Quake Arena!
Special ForceSpecial Force Shoot all of this terrorist scums.
Fire At WillFire At Will Are you a sharp shooter, try to shoot as many targets as you can before the time runs out.
Cookie KeeperCookie Keeper Your mom bake you some delicious cookies but you need to it down. So it's your job to defend uour cookies from this stubborn birds
Carnival ShooterCarnival Shooter Hit your target and hit the bullseye but avoid hitting certain animals.
Vantage Point Split SecondVantage Point Split Second Snipe all the shooters that pop out from the building windows. Don't shoot bystanders.
Dont Kill kennyDont Kill kenny You can kill anybody except kenny.
MarksmenMarksmen Shoot the zombies in this first person shooter as you move forward and use different weapons.
Cowboy SchoolCowboy School Train Your Aim and Shoot
Half LifeHalf Life The popular game has got a flash version. Kill all the enemies with your weapon that has got 45 bullets per magazine. Good luck!
Brothers in Arms Earned in BloodBrothers in Arms Earned in Blood Brace yourself for one bloody combat against some fearsome enemies. Shoot all of 'em before they even got you! Good luck!
Gang WarGang War So you wanna be part of the gang? You must first prove them that you can be a fast shooter and kill 30 of the other group. Just click on the upper left side to reload. If you're ready, then start your initiation!
ShurikenShuriken Use your lethal throwing stars to kill the invading ninjas. Don't let any escape your deadly aim!
Counterstrike BoomCounterstrike Boom Shoot all enemies that comes out or die.
Sniper WWIISniper WWII Shoot the stick figures. Don't shoot at the wrong time or in the wrong order or you fail the mission
Naval GunNaval Gun Shoot planes and missiles flying toward you.
Cheneys FuryCheneys Fury Everyone's favorite accidental shootist is out for blood this time! The heads of heads of state adorn birds and land animals for your hunting pleasure. Guns don't kill people.
Mr and Mrs SmithMr and Mrs Smith The Smith's house is under attack and it will a killing spree.

Always aim the head to get points.
IceScape 2IceScape 2 Move through the game as you explore the ice covered environment and try not to die or get to scared
Space TrooperSpace Trooper You have to fight your way and rescue the space station. As a space trooper it is your job to stop all the aliens and activate the mainframe lockdown switch before the aliens take over.
X227X227 Counter-strike style action, blast your enemies with multiple guns, power ups and much more in this first person stick shooter.
Even Dead Men DieEven Dead Men Die Blow away an army of smelly, goo-spitting zombies.
Die FlashDie Flash Shoot the enemies as they pop out onto the screen. Shoot ammo and health pack to keep going.
Call of Duty 1Call of Duty 1 The popular computer game has got a flash version. This is the first of the two series of Call of Duty. Good luck!
Los SimpsonsLos Simpsons You can shoot almost everyone except Homer and Maggie or points will deducted on your score.
Encounter SpecialistEncounter Specialist Clean up the scum of the country
Super Natural Devils GateSuper Natural Devils Gate Shoot all those Devil's gate symbol.
Cutie QuakeCutie Quake Shoot all moving things in this awesome game. You must not be hit or else you wont succeed. Each body parts has corresponding points wherever you hit them.Good luck and have fun!
Snow SiegeSnow Siege It's winter arcade game action! You, a never ending supply of snowballs, and gremlins who want to send you home colder than a frozen pizza; what more could you want?
Clone CommandoClone Commando You mission is to destroy all clones of yourself and and the enemy' s base camp.
Anaksha Female AssassinAnaksha Female Assassin A well made sniper game with some great detail and good cutscenes. Brains go splat!
First Person Shooter In Real Life 4 GameFirst Person Shooter In Real Life 4 Game A shooting and decision making game made will live footage. Sweet!
First Person Shooter In Real Life 3 GameFirst Person Shooter In Real Life 3 Game Walk in this has and shoot all the little boys that get in your way.
Rambo The Fight ContinuesRambo The Fight Continues Help Rambo slaughter some rebels in the east.
Meat MansionMeat Mansion Sure, you've escaped before. But not while zombies are eating your face! Fortunately, there's a gun in the house, if you can find it in time...
Foxy SniperFoxy Sniper Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Fear me, because I am a crack shot! Assassination isn't just a job; it's a way of life.
Beavis and Butt Head Court ChaosBeavis and Butt Head Court Chaos Order in the court! Actually, there's no order in this court. None whatsoever. The tennis balls are flying fast and furious in Court Chaos. Use your mad tennis "skillz," dill-weed, and send them back at those tennis-playing cornholios. Everyone in the country club is after you. Survive their evil tennis onslaught!
The Strangers 2The Strangers 2 New maps, new strategic positions and a different quest. You are on your own to defend a village form strangers.
Attack of the Killer TeddyAttack of the Killer Teddy Don' t waste any bullets and kill this pesky teddy's.
Manga FighterManga Fighter Fight against fellow manga fighter but avoid attacking the character you chosen.

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