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Punk O MaticPunk O Matic One of the most popular flash games ever made. This game is very fun and very
addicting, Everybody's dream comes true with Punk O Matic because you are the
Ant CityAnt City Play as a god holding a huge magnifying lens! Burn anything you want!
Suzi SaysSuzi Says Just try to get what Suzi's asking as quick a possible to gain a much a higher points.
Lords 3 CatapultLords 3 Catapult Try to destroy the enemy's castle using the catapult
Pimp my Mobile PhonePimp my Mobile Phone Change the mobile phones just as you like using the accessories given.
The PackageThe Package A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, unless you solve the puzzles.
Art ThiefArt Thief By day you are a corporate raider, and by night you are the most feared art thief in the world, the "Specter". Your newest weapon is a highly advanced electronic alarm-sniffer that you use to steal priceless works of art to sell them on the black market.

After entering the museum, you have a short amount of time to disarm the alarm system, or you risk being arrested. The faster you are able to disarm the alarm, the more money you are able to earn on the black market.
Middle Age TamagotchiMiddle Age Tamagotchi Take care of this old fart and give some good 'ol tlc.
Garden InventorGarden Inventor The goal of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze. In order to stop the garden pest you have to build defense gadgets along the way of the invaders. Defense gadgets will fire automatically once the creeps enter the firing range of the turret. When you kill pests you receive small amounts of money, which you can use to build more defense gadgets.
Post_MortemPost_Mortem Messages from the land of the dead.
Santa Rockstar Metal ChristmasSanta Rockstar Metal Christmas What do I want for Christmas? I wanna rock! Lay down some Yuletide Joy with Jolly St. Nick, baby!
Console Launch 2nd ShipConsole Launch 2nd Ship The world has gone insane over the latest console. As a delivery man, it's your job to defend your wagon full of consoles while you make a local delivery to the game store. Avoid obsessed Christmas-shopping mothers, fan boys, and super-nerds as you weave your way through the city. Power up with gadgets that will help you get through the tough spots.
Mobile DecoratorMobile Decorator Here is a good chance to make your Mobile Decor by playing free room decor games and decorate as per your taste.
Virtual Pet Giant PandaVirtual Pet Giant Panda Cuddle and groom this cute cute huge panda
Grow Nano 3Grow Nano 3 Click the right objects to progress your character and "grow" the scene.
Dog SitterDog Sitter Take care of you pet, cuddle him, play with him and feed him.
Stupidance 2Stupidance 2 Your aim is to choreograph the hero's dance moves perfectly to create awesome dance sequences and also help him win the dance competition. You have the option to select from different dance moves and music. In the edit mode you can arrange the dance steps synchronizing with the music and make the hero dance accordingly. In the competition mode you have to make the hero dance perfectly to proceed further and finally win the competition. Good Luck!
StupidanceStupidance This is a one of those pointless funny games where you have to construct a stupid dance. Place dance moves in the time line and they watch this alien dance.. You can save and load dances as well, in case you like what you see.
The Red Guy GameThe Red Guy Game Live life as the red guy.
Cute Baby NurseryCute Baby Nursery If only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...
Pony KindergardenPony Kindergarden Make Sure all the pony's are healthy and well in this fun game!
My Sweet HamsterMy Sweet Hamster This game is about hamsters. Do you like these cute little animals? The hamsters live in a beautiful pet home. In the first level you have to take care of 1 hamster. You can pick up the hamster and put it wherever you want it to be. Feed it, give it something to drink, let it run in its hamster wheel to get some exercise and stay healthy, and so on. Pay special attention to its teeth: if they grow too long, it will escape! In this game there are several levels. In every level you get one more hamster to take care of.
Planet-FPlanet-F Click on your options in this grow styled game. Try to level everything up to its max.
TealyGochiTealyGochi TealyGochi is a baby-blue baby dragon. Take care of him and bring him up to be a good little monster!
Futuristic FashionFuturistic Fashion Super high tech gadgets aside, fashion is forever!
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home There's no place like home...especially when your home is filled with all kinds of fun things!
pet-caring-gamepet-caring-game This adorable adoption center needs your help taking care of cute kitties and puppies. Feed them, play with them and pet them when they need love. Take out their litter and keep them safe, happy and healthy.
virtualcatvirtualcat Take car of this really cute cat.
Pet PracticePet Practice Practice your pet-rearing skills on the coolest and quirkiest pets online!
Squirrel Virtual PetSquirrel Virtual Pet Give this sweet squirrel a good home!Keep the squirrel happy and healthy by attending to its needs: food, love, playtime, sleep, showering, and digestion.
Undead HighwayUndead Highway There you were, watching television and minding your own business when BAM! -undead apocalypse comes smashing right through your front door. But don’t go feeling sorry for yourself, there’s some survivors holding down a fortress at a place called Haven Island. Fortunately, you’ve got a brain for making gadgets. Send those creeps back to the smelly world they came from by finding junk and assembling it into devastating weapons. Keep an eye out for car keys, some of those zombies carry them around. Once you have them, find a car and drive the hell out of there.

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