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I Love ToysI Love Toys VH1 finally delivers a way for you to play with your favorite toys without needing to break into a 2nd grade classroom. Hone your embarrassing toy joy by using your fast acting, three-in-a-row matching prowess. Are those smiles of pride coming from Elmo and Gumby? Creepy.
Dexters Bubble JuggleDexters Bubble Juggle You are the young scientist Dexter and you have a bubble of chewing-gum in the mouth. On your left, your sworn enemy Mandark shakes a rack and makes fall from the objects. On your line your sister Dee Dee. The goal of this game is that you move so that the objects which fall rebound on your bubble of chewing-gum. You will have then bring them to Dee Dee by making them rebound on your bubble. Once arrived until it, leave and it will catch the object automatically. To make rebound the objects put quite simply below. Pay attention to certain things which can bore your bubble of chewing-gum. With each time you make fall an object, the pink bar is emptied and once completely vacuum the part is finished. Good luck!
ChiclonChiclon Make the gum balloons go bigger and bigger without exploding them. Avoid the partners and pointy objects.
Super Boomer MaxSuper Boomer Max Gather all of the gums and dodge all monsters.
Bubble Gum CrisisBubble Gum Crisis Avoid all the Charm Candies hit the Princess Candy.
GomutobiGomutobi Jump to the gums pressing the arrow key that indicates you. Be careful because every level is more complicated!
Subaquatic Glop DropSubaquatic Glop Drop Introduce the gum that gushes glop to the jelly fish of the far seas.
Chewrassic ParkChewrassic Park This is the chewrassic park! The monster chewie is hungry. Feed him with some chewits.
Bubble Gum Sweetie CatcherBubble Gum Sweetie Catcher Use your bubble gum to fly up and try to collect all the fruit.
Bubble Trouble GameBubble Trouble Game Play Bubble Trouble Game and safely guide Violet through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
Bubble BoomBubble Boom Beat the Gadbad Gang by throwing Bubbaloo Balloons on them and avoid their red balloons.
Fantastic Chef 4Fantastic Chef 4 This is a recipe for a classic, dark brown, shrimp gumbo in true Louisiana Cajun country fashion. Serve over rice. Browning the chicken pieces in the oil used for the roux adds flavor to the dish. I use the cooked chicken for chicken salad. File is added off the heat to thicken the gumbo. If added while the gumbo is still cooking, it may become stringy and unpleasant. File is ground sassafras leaves. It is available in many supermarkets.
Rainbow Bubble GumRainbow Bubble Gum Eliminate the chewing gums joining three or more with the same color. The game has 21 difficulty levels.
Coyote RollCoyote Roll Race down the slope to catch the roadrunner!
Gum Drop HopGum Drop Hop Help gummy collect as many gems and gold coins as he can before he falls off into the deep blue water.
Jimmy BubblegumJimmy Bubblegum Float upwards with your bubblegum. Dodge baddies as you shot them with gumballs. Gets crazy hard.

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