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Stunt Bike IslandStunt Bike Island Your goal in Stunt Bike Island is to rack up points by catching air and pulling insane stunts and trick moves!
Islander BoysIslander Boys A fun and enjoyable game for all to... enjoy? All I ask is that this game puts a smile on your face, and if you don't laugh, you need a personality, I myself have islander blood, and admit that this game exaggerates too much the islander culture, so I hope you get a laugh at the end.
Strategy DefenseStrategy Defense Once upon a time there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire expanded their territory and destryed all the villages of doven Most of the Doven kingdom army was killedand the king of Doven, named Fayla, ran into the Dark forest, powerless and without soldiersor without guards to protect him. His wife and children and the Doven General were imprisoned at the Icegreen Island.

But Fayla was not hopeless. There was one last warrior, named undefined, from the Doven kingdom who had intelligence and strength and many talents. King Fayla ordered undefined to rescue his family and destroy all the enemies at the land of Doven.
Robot Boy Tommy TakeawayRobot Boy Tommy Takeaway Tommy's been kidnapped by Dr Kamikazi and taken back to his island. Fly to Kamikazi Islang and save Tommy. Use the mouse to avoid the missiles and mouse click to shoot the frogmen. Remember that Robotboy can only shoot when superactivated.
Escape from Rhetundo IslandEscape from Rhetundo Island Help Johnny Tag escape from the island.
You are luckyYou are lucky Use the items in the correct sequence to make the island change and grow.
Island ColonizerIsland Colonizer Defend your island against invasive forces of the army. With 6 amazing weapons to pickup and lots of spawning powerups you will be bale to give them some serious resistance!
Island FishingIsland Fishing Fish while stuck on an island. Catch the food needed to survive. Miss too many times and you die.
Virtual VillagersVirtual Villagers Train your villagers and help them to grow the tribe
The Paper CupThe Paper Cup This is the Paper Islands Cup - a race across the paper islands cosmos where contestants shall vie for the coveted Paper Islands Paper Cup. There can only be one winner - have you got what it takes?
Elliv IslandElliv Island Find in 100 days the exact girlfriend and bring her to your town.
Tazs Tropical HavocTazs Tropical Havoc Your goal is to destroy all stone statues so Taz can leave the island.
Pearl DiverPearl Diver Dive for pearls off the sun drenched beaches of a tropical island! Collect pearls as much as you can!
Tony the Turtle and the Island AdventureTony the Turtle and the Island Adventure Help Tony the turtle collect all the ring throughout the island!
Monkey IslandMonkey Island Jump to islands grabbing bananas. What more do you expect from a monkey?
Genocide MonkeyGenocide Monkey An evil monkey on a cloud that destroys islands with gems. Yeah, it doesn't really make any sense.
Island AdventureIsland Adventure Fight your way through this island!
Island HopIsland Hop Help Gilligan get the gang off the island by lighting a signal fire before a passing ship slips out of sight.
Wormcraft Doom IslandWormcraft Doom Island For the many crimes they commited, the Outlow Worms were exiled to an island in the Pacific Ocean. Now they are trying to get back home. Help these little worms to go back home in this version of Lemmings.
Battle FortsBattle Forts Protect Hector Con Carne's island headquarters from his archenemy, Estroy. You will each take turns launching weapons until one of you destroys the other.
Storm Boat Vietnam MayhemStorm Boat Vietnam Mayhem Shoot the enemy soldiers on the islands as well as towers, helicopters, airplanes, and subs.
Boom Boom BoomerBoom Boom Boomer Help Boomerman fight the wicked enemies and save Sam and Mandy from Jambo and Darakoo on the Bermuda Triangle Island. Also retrieve the ancient relic from Dr. Devil and Red Cyanide and return it to the National Antiques Museum.
TKFB The GameTKFB The Game In this game you are a guy running in his underpants and holding a huge sword. You are on a kind of bounty island, and you need to kill hostile aborigines to pass the game.
Shark Attack GameShark Attack Game Move from island to island, and make your way to the mainland! But watch out for the fierce sharks prowling the waters!
Dick Quicks Island AdventureDick Quicks Island Adventure Dick Quick crash landed his plane on an unknown island. Help him find a way to get help and escape.
King Kong Skull IslandKing Kong Skull Island Drag the colored pieces off the conveyor and into the puzzle to reveal images from the Skull Island.
ImperiumImperium An amazing resource management / army management game with awesome graphics and game play. Conquer all areas in the Dogland Island, to do that you must build an empire, train soldiers, create weapons and expand your territory.
Super PerfectoPropSuper PerfectoProp Fly him from island to island collecting tokens you find along the way but be sure to avoid all those hazards!
Unholy IslandUnholy Island Defend your island against other pirates who are trying to invade your turf.
Animal BalloonsAnimal Balloons Your animals friends are stuck on different islands. Rescue them, but beware of the dangers lurking ahead!
Kings IslandKings Island An awesome RPG! Hack, slash, and explore your way through King's Island. If you're familiar with action-rpg hack n'slash games , launch the game, and crush everything in your path. Just pay careful attention to the “nature” of the attacks that you will carry out with your weapons
Johnny Bravo and the Bodacious MermaidJohnny Bravo and the Bodacious Mermaid Swim until Mermaid appears on the island.
Treasure Hunter 2Treasure Hunter 2 After escaping from the pirate ship, Captain John Marvel resumes his treasure hunting process at the Barbuda Island. In the island, he enters into a mysterious ship to gather hints about the treasure. Though he knows the way to enter, he doesn’t know the way to come out. Imagine yourself to be in John Marvel’s position, and escape from the ship with the much required treasure hints.
Virtual Villagers The Lost ChildrenVirtual Villagers The Lost Children Lead your villagers as they solve all new puzzles and hidden mysteries of the west shores of the island. Will your tribe survive?
Tiki IslandTiki Island ou are shipwrecked on Tiki Island. Keep the castaways drunk by mixing cocktails with the booze that.
Tropical ItemsTropical Items Try these tropical clothes in this tropical island
Lilo Stich Pod PuzzlesLilo Stich Pod Puzzles Collect the pods that are scattered all over the island and take them to the spaceship.
The Treasures of Mystery IslandThe Treasures of Mystery Island Find all the hidden items in a bunch of different island scenes. Can you get off the island?
Rugrats Jungle StumbleRugrats Jungle Stumble The Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys are teaming up! Now you can help the babies race across an exotic island to find the grown-ups! Just pick your favourite character and get movin'! Collect health, speed boost and invicibility power ups!
Cranberry SwingCranberry Swing Land perfectly on the island.
We Are PiratesWe Are Pirates Feeling Piratey? Want to make a career out of your thievery and bloodthirst? Ok then! Join a pirate crew and strategize your every move as you capture islands, kill enemies, and, naturally, upgrade that sweet ship of yours!
Sweet Hispanic Girl On The Beach Dress UpSweet Hispanic Girl On The Beach Dress Up This sweet hispanic girl is spending her summer vacation on an paradise island. She took with her a lot of swimwear and cute summer dresses and accesoriea so she has a lot of options to choose from. Help her decide what summer outfit she should wear today.
Runic QuestRunic Quest An adventurer lost in a mysterious island faces the dangers of a Runic Quest. The goal of the game is to cross each level from bottom to top, walking over the Runes of the same color before the time runs out.
Chevy Cobalt Labs Coastal CruisinChevy Cobalt Labs Coastal Cruisin Grab the wheel and bring your mad driving skillz to the game, 'cuz it’s time to burn rubber and smoke the competition! It’s a race to the finish across volcanic islands, insane mudslides, and mysterious jungles.
Turtillion IslandTurtillion Island It's up to you to make sure the island's turtle population lives on. Get your egg basket ready and go, go, go!
Bike TrixBike Trix The cyclist wants to ride his bike all around the island and he must perform good tricks to break a record. Replicate the symbols on the mat to make him do tricks. Use the Mouse to draw gestures anywhere on the screen. You?ll get bonus points with perfect gestures!
Forks and ArrowsForks and Arrows Defend the fun-loving ways of Love Island from the buzzkill demonites! Earn points by killing demonites. You'll lose points when your wall gets hit. Use the money you get from your points to buy upgrades between rounds.
Cannon IslandCannon Island Defend this island as long as you can. Use a little ammo as you can to pop the balloons.
Volcano Panic In IslandVolcano Panic In Island There is Panic in the Island because of a Volcano erupted. You must avoid the rocks and pick the fruits up to pass other levels.
King of BridgesKing of Bridges Connect the islands using bridges as you try to make each island reach its required population.
CastawayCastaway Explore the world in this island RPG as you restore peace to the islands villagers. Over 50 quests!
Popoye KissPopoye Kiss Popeye the sailor, our famous fictional hero is on a trip to an island with Olive. In a romantical situation he wishes to kiss Olive, without getting noticed by the other characters. So help them to kiss.
Adventures of the Little BooAdventures of the Little Boo you need to help a little pirate called Boo escape from a futuristic island. You need to direct your flying ship avoiding various dangers. Every level starts when you place your mouse cursor over the white dot. Then you'll need to move the cursor by the white path never crossing the edges of the white area.
Pirate s Treasure DefenderPirate s Treasure Defender Your task is to defend your island from the pirate ships. Swap two adjacent tiles to create matches of three. In order to fire at a pirate ship make successful combination of 3 or more bombs. Kill enemy ships before they destroy your island.
Avalon SiegeAvalon Siege Try to conquer all kingdoms on the isle by attacking them with your canon. Use 6 types of ammo to wipe out all kingdoms on the island and become the ultimate king.
Kings Island 2Kings Island 2 Part II of the King's Island a hack'n'slash action rpg game that uses a simple point and click system.
Island EscapeIsland Escape Another new awesome downloadable point and click adventure hidden object type escape game with gorgeous scenes. But this time you will try to escape from island. When the fancy cruise ship you?re on starts sinking, it?s a fight to stay alive! Once you manage to get off the sinking cruise ship, you need to survive on an uncharted island! Use your wits to find shelter, avert pirates, escape from the natives, and signal civilization to organize your rescue in Escape from Lost Island. Explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and find helpful items that?ll make your journey easier. Can you able to escape the island? Good luck and have fun!

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