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SabermaniaSabermania Defend and then hit your opponent where it hurts. Lightsabres strike fast, so good reflexes are essential in this game.

You can play the game using a flashsaber and stall your opponent's death unnecessarily long, or you can choose a lightsaber and split your opponent in half with just one strike.
Jedi vs Jedi Blades of LightJedi vs Jedi Blades of Light Fight as Obi Wan or Anakin Skywalker and use Jedi powers and saber skills to take out your opponent.
Jedi HunterJedi Hunter shoot every spaceship you see and as you go to the next level spaceships will move faster.
RattatakRattatak On Rattatak, Death and Destruction are the norm. Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker must prove his skills by confronting the Sith warrior Asajj Ventress in the Rattataki gladiator arena. He will need to rely on all of his training in order to survive.
Battle OrbsBattle Orbs Help Luke Skywalker hone his lightsaber skills! Deflect by clicking the robotic battle orbs when their lights flash red.
The REAL RevengeThe REAL Revenge Click the buttons to see the true evil of the Sith.
Anakin vs AsajiAnakin vs Asaji A fight between two Jedi Knights.
Jedi GameJedi Game Use your light saber and slash all incoming enemies.

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