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Swing CatSwing Cat This is a two player game. Your goal is to knock down your opponent cat by swinging and bumping the bricks in the middle a couple of times to let it fall on your opponent's face.
Kitten CanonsKitten Canons Launch the kitten as far as possible.Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and other objects along the way.
Ren and Stimpy s Crazy CannonRen and Stimpy s Crazy Cannon Ren has loaded Stimpy into the kitten cannon. Now, see how far you can make him fly!

This game is based on the popular TV show starring Ren Höek, a scrawny chihuahua. When irritated, he calls his friend Stimpy an "eeediot" and slaps him across the face. In this case he launches him out of a cannon.
My Cute PetsMy Cute Pets Take good care of your cute pets, the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy?
Nurse Kitten Chan Dress UpNurse Kitten Chan Dress Up Choose cute dresses and accessories for our little Nurse Kitten.
Incubus PulsumIncubus Pulsum Smash the monster before they can invade earth.
KittiesKitties Your goal in this cute game is to drag and match the kitties to their corresponding shadows. Just click the center button after each level is finished to proceed to the next. Time is ticking very fast so you have to be faster to reach the next level. Have fun!
Panda BalancePanda Balance Help your Panda collect the kitties' heads without falling into the water! Pandas don't swim!
The Cutest KittensThe Cutest Kittens Solve puzzles with cute little kittens on them. Decide between a few pieces and many.
Flying KittenFlying Kitten Help this kitten reach the sky while dodging obstacles! Collect all gold objects to move to the next round.
My Cute Pets 2My Cute Pets 2 How long can you keep your cute pets the kitten, puppy, hamster, and bunny happy?
KittensKittens Help kittens get in proper places.
Plague of KittensPlague of Kittens Your objective in this little fun game is to use your bouncy pad to bounce the kittens to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the pad. If you bounce the kittens really low they can land and walk away. Points are awarded for bouncing kittens. Extra lives are awarded for saving kittens.
Nini StyleNini Style Style the cute kitten from the block.
Kitten MakerKitten Maker Custom kitten creation: cause for a cat-lovers celebration!
Brave KittenBrave Kitten Find the differences between each set of pictures as the images tell a story of a brave kitten.
kitten missionkitten mission Help the kitten to rest in peace for sometimes without getting disturbed by the hungry dogs. So you'll have to shoot away the dogs which approaches the kitten.
Kitten PuzzleKitten Puzzle Place the kitten over their shadows before time runs out.
Kitten SpotKitten Spot Kitten Spot is a memory game that will require you to take a look at a room full of little cats and decide what kind of kitty is the most common.
Clay Kitten ShootingClay Kitten Shooting A clay pigeon shooting game with a difference. Shoot cute fluffy cats instead.
goonkittygoonkitty You are guiding this hungry kitten who loves to eat cheese. Sadly, you are being chased by others who don't want your to eat everything.
Toffy CatToffy Cat One day an UFO hovered above the kittens house while he was sleeping. Aliens had dragged his fridge full of food into the UFO and flew away. The Kitten has to rescue the fridge and the world!
Kitties and PuppiesKitties and Puppies very nice virtual pet makeover game. Find yourself the cutest puppy or kitten. Help your little one to feel happy!
Maries Block PartyMaries Block Party Marie's family loves playing with blocks! Help them get a high score by putting blocks of the same color together to make them disappear! But beware of Edgar's blocks. as they get in the way!

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