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Word BumpWord Bump Can you make words fast enough by clicking on the letters to form a word up to 8 letters? Bump all golden tiles on top to win. Game will end if any golden tile drops below board and you may use like-colored letters together for power-ups. Enjoy!
X Men Trio SquadX Men Trio Squad Choose your own X-men team and fight your enemy by typing the first three letters of the name of the X-men you are playing when the ready signal appears. You can also change your current playing hero. Just press the back button after you're done practicing. Different timings result in different attacks, and they are stronger or weaker depending on their enemy villains. Enjoy!
Idea WorkshopIdea Workshop Could you match up and complete all the missing letters from the words given with their corresponding pictures?
Baseball TypingBaseball Typing From the anime "Doraemon" comes this exciting typing game where you must type the letters appearing on the screen from your keyboard.
Word MazeWord Maze Try to find the letters of the word in the maze in the correct order!
Funky Samurai Kengou ChanFunky Samurai Kengou Chan The enemy has surrounded you. Push the letters of the enemies to attack them.
AlphattackAlphattack Protect your houses from the bombs by typing the letters that appear. Destroy the bomb by pressing the corresponding letters on the keyboard
Stand Up StandoffStand Up Standoff Take the role of foul-mouthed UK comedian Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown and put-down the hecklers trying to kill your stand-up routine. Drag the word to Chubby's mouth avoiding the mental blocks and distractions littering his brain-box. If you bump into anything you'll lose a letter from the word and Chubby's put-down won't be quite so ripe. Lose too many letters and Chubby will be out on his arse.
Ball in TroublesBall in Troubles The goal of the game is to get all stars along the way and reach the exit. Avoid collisions with spikes and rotators. If you collide to or jump at spike or rotators you lose one life. If you lose all lives, the game is over. After every three levels you get a level code, which you can later use to return to that exact point of the game. To do so, select ‘Enter Code’ at Main Menu and type the four letters in.
DobbleDobble Try to collect all the letters to make a word.
Sun StoriesSun Stories You are a small sun and your goal is to collect as many stars to grow and light the skies. But it wont be easy because evil black holes are gonna be throwing meteors at you so beware. Help the sun bring the light to the world!
The DoorsThe Doors Get out of a house you are trapped inside of by picking up items, letters, cards and cube pieces.
Ninja HunterNinja Hunter Type the words that appear next to the attacking ninjas. Type slower for it to capture your letters.
Bar Fly 2Bar Fly 2 Press the letters as they arrows fall down onto them. Play your song in this RPG'ish skill game.
Gobstopper GobblerGobstopper Gobbler Find the letters of the word "Wonka" to pass the level, in this funny version of Pacman.
Word MasterWord Master Eerie things are afoot at the haunted house in Word Master. In this spell-binding online word game, help the little girl escape the creepies by spelling as many words as you can with the provided letters. Click on letters to add them to a word. Click submit when your word is finished. Find the 8-letter word for maximum points. Time is running out! Can you spell your way out?
Star Catcher OlieStar Catcher Olie Help Olie catch all the letters and stars before the time runs out!
Type PopType Pop Type N Pop Defend the magical castle against the invading creatures by casting spells that pop their balloons! Buy magic upgrades with your score points.
Piano BarPiano Bar If you can tickle the keys, you'll tickle the fancy of the beauty at the bar. Hit the key shown on the note as it passes between the bars. Fill the heart by performing well. Your heart needs to be at least half full to be asked to play another song.
Rainbow WebRainbow Web This is a match-three game, which means that you need to switch places of adjacent balls to try and form groups of 3 or more adjacent identical pieces lying on the same line. In this case your playing board is a spider web and instead of having common columns and raws you have circles and radius lines. Some of the balls have letters on them. To pass a level you need to eliminate all balls with letters including them in the same color groups.
Brain Spa 7Brain Spa 7 Unscramble the titles of these film classics by typing or clicking on the letters. You have 3 minutes or 3 mistakes. Hints are available, but they'll cost you.
Tounge TwistTounge Twist Whip out your tongue for some buggy block-clearing action. Click the colors on the left so the chameleon matches the blocks he's grabbing. Grab 3 or more of the same color and collect letters to wipe out all blocks of that color.
Alias 3Alias 3 Only 5 letters and a number and you know what's cookin'! 'A.L.I.A.S 3' is here to bring you lots of badass action game fun.
Christmas LettersChristmas Letters Are you able to find all the letters hidden in this Christmas picture?
Lilly Allen in Escape the FearLilly Allen in Escape the Fear The singer Lily Allen plays an adventurer to promote her new CD. Look for the letters that make up her name and then leave through the exit. Go up to where there is water and try to avoid the monsters.
MontgolfierMontgolfier You should find the word for the draw on the right top. You should collect the correct letters.
BunnyBoomBunnyBoom Keep the green bunnies from grabbing your carrot. Type the letters that are above them.
Friendship Bracelet MakerFriendship Bracelet Maker Choose a style, determine the size and then drag the letters and the beads to the bracelet to make a nice friendship bracelet.
Modern Day PrincessModern Day Princess The princess Danielle today had received three love letters. Can you help her to prepare for
Yapa CrocYapa Croc A cool version of arcade game Pacman. Collect all glowing balls and letters while dodging the animals.
Arachnid FallsArachnid Falls You must type letters and numbers that are on the arachnids backs to avoid them capturing cherries from your ice creams. Type Bomb or life when you see them written on flying bugs to get extra bombs or lives.
Thanksgiving Turkey PardonThanksgiving Turkey Pardon Save the live of the funny thanksgiving turkey by playing this game in which you will have to guess the letters of the words given. Pay attention and try to guess the words and the letters as fast as you can if you want to save the pour turkey!Each time you will point a wrong letter, the live of the turkey becomes shorter! Use your abilities and point on the right letters to win the game.
Mouse House CelebrationMouse House Celebration One of the mice was so sneaky, that he hid letters throughout the room and no one can find them. Can you give them animals a hand in recovering their lost letters?
Tetris GameTetris Game The Tetris Game is the most famous electronic game of all times and has a big impact on the video game industry. The game was invented by Alexey P and is typically listed as one of the top 5 video games of all time in Internet every year for its influence and gameplay. The tetris game remains the most widely played electronic game in history, with no signs of slowing down. The game has seven different shapes or tetriminos : the J T S I L Z and O-tetriminos, which look like the letters they are named after. The key essentials to most Tetris variants are your score and your level.
RoboFluRoboFlu These robots are sick. They're full of letters or something. Mr. Vocabulary to the rescue! Make words using red letters to clean up your bots.
KrissXKrissX Swap the letters to make words in this crossword styled puzzle game.
Fast TyperFast Typer Test your typing skills and see how long you can last in this typing skill game. Can you keep up?
Hidden Letters Gipsy CampHidden Letters Gipsy Camp Find the hidden letters in this gypsy party.
Rumble In The JungleRumble In The Jungle Find the bunch of letters running loose in the jungle.
wordxwordx Use the letters to make words
HangmaliaHangmalia In this game you'll be shown blurred pictures of animals. Your goal is to guess what animal it is. You do it selecting letters. If a letter is present in the animal's name, it'll appear at its place. If you press a letter that is not there, the candle yo have in the left hand side of the screen burns out a bit more and you get closer to lose the game.
skylyskyly Collect the letters on each level and get to the door
Clash of The Titans Find The AlphabetsClash of The Titans Find The Alphabets Analyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets which is on the image.
Hidden Alphabets Lady and The TrampHidden Alphabets Lady and The Tramp Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden alphabets which are in pictures. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced. In 3rd level find the chosen alphabet within given time duration as otherwise chosen alphabet will get disappeared.
Hidden Alphabets SimpsonHidden Alphabets Simpson Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden alphabets which are in Simpson pictures.
Anthill PicnicAnthill Picnic Find all the letters hidden on the anthill.
Astroboy Find The AlphabetsAstroboy Find The Alphabets Find the hidden alphabets on Astroboy images.
Letter TwistLetter Twist Switch the letters between the two rows to make both lines real words.
Word HunterWord Hunter Fly and collect the letters to complete the given words.
Peter Pan Find The AlphabetsPeter Pan Find The Alphabets Find all letters on the peter Pan's image.
Dream GardenDream Garden This is such a wonderful garden! Full of peace and harmony...and hidden letters, too! Try to spot all the letters of the alphabet, that are hidden somewhere in this garden. Look really carefully in all the corners of the image, in all the shades or small details and if you need a helping hand, click the Hint button.
halloween-lettershalloween-letters Find the alphabets in creepy places.
Star the Clone Wars Find the AlphabetsStar the Clone Wars Find the Alphabets Analyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.
Majka the NymphMajka the Nymph Find the hiding objects in each new level. Gets insanely hard if you plan on not using hints.
Open Season Find The AlphabetsOpen Season Find The Alphabets Observe and find out the hidden alphabets.
Animal Park Hidden NumberAnimal Park Hidden Number In these beautiful photos of animals, you need to find the number. Some are pretty hard to find so good luck.
WorderWorder If you sort through this jumble of letters, you'll find word treasures!Search for the word listed on top of the grid, clicking the letters in the correct order. The letters do not need to be touching each other, so keep your eyes peeled!If you get stuck, try using a hint, or even skip a difficult word. Don't let time run out before you find all the letters of a word, or the game will be over!

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