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More BloonsMore Bloons The sequel to the Bloons series is even more fun with new levels to play and more excitement. Try to pop as many balloons as possible with your darts, and look out for special balloons and have fun discovering what they all do. You can also play unlimited dart mode if you want. Enjoy!
Air MonkeyAir Monkey A one-button game, get the monkey home by swinging from vine to vine.
Ebu Dress UpEbu Dress Up Dress Alladin's faithful sidekick Ebu.
Stinky Bean FlingStinky Bean Fling Take the pathetic little bean by the reigns and fling him as far as he'll go. Use Scatmonkey power-ups to accelerate him further.
Spider MonkeySpider Monkey Swing from tree to tree with your long arms as you grab bananas and rescue monkey friends.
Jungle JiggyJungle Jiggy Get perfect hits in a row to win combos.
MindscapeMindscape Try to escape from your delusional state of mind and don't let the monkeys get you!
Zenmaster Mojo JojoZenmaster Mojo Jojo Nice little question game, check it out, few easter eggs are found in this game.
Stone Age FightStone Age Fight Smash 'em monkeys and rabbits to earn points but avoid snakes, lions and dragons because you will lose points. Watch out also for the bird for it will drop apples for more points but avoid blocks for it will add for more pains. Good luck!
Jumping BananasJumping Bananas Jump around and collect bananas while dodging the other creatures.
Sky DiveSky Dive Sky dive your monkey out of the airplane and dodge the birds, while landing safely on the bullseye.
Monkey MayhemMonkey Mayhem The monkey is causing trouble again! Help Gilligan use his slingshot to knock the items out of the monkey's hands.
The Panda Call of DutyThe Panda Call of Duty Fight as panda and defeat all enemy monkey.
Rainbow Monkey RundownRainbow Monkey Rundown Chase the bad guys in their rafts and swing your yoyo at them to take them out. Dodge obstacles.
Douche Monkey AstronautDouche Monkey Astronaut Get this monkey up in the air in this funny skill game. Collect and dodge stuff.
Boom Chica Boom BoomBoom Chica Boom Boom Catch the fruits on her head! Be careful, once she stat dancing, she can't stop until she catch eight pieces to make a lovely fruity shake drink. Watch out for the monkey!
Go Giego Go Rain Forest AdventureGo Giego Go Rain Forest Adventure Help Diego catch photos of these wild animals but avoid the banana's thrown to you by the naughty monkey.
The King Of The SkyThe King Of The Sky The aim of the game is to collect all the fruits in the tree.
Coconut Joe Soccer ShootoutCoconut Joe Soccer Shootout Can you goal against a monkey.
Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1 You're a kung fu monkey, time to lay the law down and kick some enemy butt. Punch and kick the guys.
Monkey LanderMonkey Lander Collect all bananas.
Jungle DefenderJungle Defender Shoot the monkeys to prevent them stealing your bananas. Upgrade your weaponry to better defend your hut.
Space MonkeySpace Monkey A monkey has been sent to Space as a probe, It returned safely, or did it? Control the monkey with mouse and left click to shoot.
Chimpy JumpChimpy Jump Help this monkey to solve various logic puzzle quests. Remove all turtles and don't forget to return to your starting point.
Monkey Cliff DivingMonkey Cliff Diving When a monkey pops up, click on the little chappy to make him dive. Time it right with the waves and wind and your monkey lives for another dive. The quicker the monkey dives, the more points you get. Leave him too long and he will dive anyway.
Monkey IslandMonkey Island Jump to islands grabbing bananas. What more do you expect from a monkey?
Front Page NuisanceFront Page Nuisance Jake wrote a gossip column about Adam in the school newspaper. Collect the papers and knock Jake the monkey off his flagpole before the story get out.
Genocide MonkeyGenocide Monkey An evil monkey on a cloud that destroys islands with gems. Yeah, it doesn't really make any sense.
Digininja RPG 1Digininja RPG 1 First train your Ninja by chopping lemons and only once you have enough experience go and end the Clan of the "Monkey Ninja".
Digi NinjaDigi Ninja Help the little Ninja to make his way through the dungeons and eliminate the Monkey Ninja Clan.
Cute Dragon ShooterCute Dragon Shooter Hit the targets and flying objects to collect as many points as possible before your time runs out! But don't hit the bananas! Hit the alarm clocks to stop the timer.
Koko the Hungry MonkeyKoko the Hungry Monkey Collect all the food you can, but look out for the bigger items that may hurt if they hit you. And definitely stay away from the snake.
Run Horace RunRun Horace Run Help the giraffe called Horace from being killed by a cruel ranger in this interesting flash game and cover the longest possible distance to earn maximum points.To achieve your objective you must clear all the obstacles like sleeping lines and hanging monkeys on your way.
Lighten UpLighten Up Rick Platypus is setting up alien landing lights. Collect all the lights before time runs out! Jump over the lights to grab them. Earn extra points for combos. Run into Rick to slow him down, but watch out for banana peels.
Monkeys TowerMonkeys Tower Undo the damage done to the pristine Monkenyan rain forest by successfully stacking fruit tins and outwitting your opponent. Sturdy fruit towers will encourage the growth of trees and allow the apes of Monkenya to return to their idyllic way of life. It's up to you to save the jungle, so warm up your brain and get stacking!
DentistDentist You're role is a dentist, remove the correct tooth from the mouth of the monkey but be careful not to miss or he will bite you.
Boom Boom BoomerBoom Boom Boomer Help Boomerman fight the wicked enemies and save Sam and Mandy from Jambo and Darakoo on the Bermuda Triangle Island. Also retrieve the ancient relic from Dr. Devil and Red Cyanide and return it to the National Antiques Museum.
MonkeysMonkeys Try to balance as many monkeys on top pf each other in the time provided. Also Collect bananas on the way up for bonus points.
The KuraThe Kura Do you have enough turtle power to defeat the crazy monkey? The Kura is a rotational top-down shooter game with a fast and challenging pace combined with colorful and cheerful graphics. The game is made of ten levels, with three extra choices of weapon available through upgrades during the game.
The ExplorerThe Explorer This is an arcade-styled game where you need to collect all items in the level to pass it. There are bombs and enemies that can kill you. Enemies can be shot, while the only way to pass through a bomb is to jump over it. If you touch a bomb, it will explode and kill you.
Monkey TaxiMonkey Taxi Cruise through the street picking up other monkey passengers in your monkey taxi. Avoid the monkey police that are hot on your tail! See how many passengers you can get!
Doras Space AdventureDoras Space Adventure Help Dora in her space adventure with Boots.
Monkey JumpMonkey Jump Jump out as far as you can to reach the Golden Banana. COllect fruits while jumping to add more scores but be careful not to fall or run out of time!
Monkey StackMonkey Stack Grab as many bananas as you can to extend the time limit by making Monkey Stack before the time runs out or lives reach zero.
Rock Roll Space MonkeyRock Roll Space Monkey You are Rock & Roll Space Monkey - the Baddest Guitar Player in all the Universe! Your Mission: Defeat all the evil aliens who wanna bring rock down!
Hot Spring GameHot Spring Game How far can you jump in a outdoor hot spring.
Funny ZooFunny Zoo Fight against computer. Throw balls and bombs at the monkey!
Banana MonkeyBanana Monkey Guide the Monkey across the Jungles and Rivers to get all the Bananas. The more levels you reach, the more Bananas you will need to eat in order to go to the next level. But don't fall in water and watch out for snakes.
Mon the MonkeyMon the Monkey Help the monkey catch and eat as many fruits as possible to get to the next level.
Crazy MonkeysCrazy Monkeys Play with monkeys to smash coconuts for points.
Jungle MonkeyJungle Monkey The little monkey has to climb up the tall trees of the jungle to reach his home. You've got to help him jump on the platforms and climb upwards. Time your jumps carefully and avoid falling down or you'll lose a life. Hit the Space Bar to jump.
Beach Bobbing BobBeach Bobbing Bob The object of the game is to carry as many coconuts across the river by hopping Left and Right on the barrells. You will get 1 point and 10 seconds extra for each safely delivered coconut. Watch out for those bobbing barrells.
Under the SeaUnder the Sea rescue your friends! Jump and avoid obstacle underwater.
Monkey DudeMonkey Dude A game of skill in the jungle. Get this monkey to jump through hoops.
Monkey Poop FightMonkey Poop Fight Throw poop at the other monkeys to take them out.
Go Go KartsGo Go Karts Your goal is to be the first go-kart to cross the finish line.
Tinos Fruit StandTinos Fruit Stand Tino's family fruit stand is in danger of closing! With a little help from Rikki, the fruit-picking monkey, your job is to fill orders and keep the customers happy. Fill orders correctly to get bonuses, but don't slow down or let the fruit sit for too long that will lead to unhappy shoppers and cost you the family business! Play through 85 amusing levels and 3 engaging game modes on your road to success. Make the right decisions and you'll grow more than fruit. You'll grow an empire!

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