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Monster HuntMonster Hunt Shoot arrows at your objective and go to the next level!
RampageRampage If you've ever watched one of those old Japanese horror movies starring a guy wearing a rubber monster suit and thought to yourself, "How can I get a job like that?", here's your big chance. Wreck everything. Eat everything. Burn everything. Climb everything. Smash everything and rejoice in a game that rewards unruly havoc rather than kiddie grade heroics.
Monster ContestMonster Contest Cleavers, magic spells, and Zombie spit. It's Pong with a Monster twist.
Powerpuff Girls All Monsters AttackPowerpuff Girls All Monsters Attack All monster attack the city and it's for the girls to use Dynamo.
Monster MayhemMonster Mayhem Fight against another player or the computer with monsters. Multiple difficulty settings.
Magic and TacticMagic and Tactic This is a nice card game battle. You must destroy your enemy monster and deal damage to win a level. Summon your own monster to face your enemy and use spell cards to cast spells but watch out your health level.
Monsters DenMonsters Den Create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct character classes. Then battle to the depths of the dungeon, increasing in strength and finding powerful treasure.

Keep your men alive!
Daycare NightmareDaycare Nightmare You have to care for baby vampires, dragons and other monsters while their parents are at work. You have to pay attention to their needs. For example, you may need to change their diapers or put them in a high chair to feed them. Use the mouse to move.
Ultimate DefenseUltimate Defense A defense game with Mages, Archers, and Ninjas instead of turrets and towers. Watch your placements.
Pimp My ZombiePimp My Zombie Zombies need pimping too. So pimp them up.
Mario Mini GameMario Mini Game Kill many monsters in combos to unlock new areas.
Monster BasementMonster Basement Escape this basement before the monster returns.
James BombJames Bomb This is a classic bomberman game with more exciting characters. Avoid monsters while bombing walls to collect power-ups and earn points. Good luck!
The Hills Have Eyes Mutant MassacreThe Hills Have Eyes Mutant Massacre You are trapped in an abandoned mine with an injured comrade and you both must get out alive. You must shoot to kill because they are not humans. They are monsters who belong in hell. This is one scary nightmare. Good luck!
Jump N Grind RemixJump N Grind Remix Skate down the streets while collecting stars and dodging obstacles.
GoldDiggerGoldDigger Pick up treasures and eat the monsters to prevent the monsters from bitting your pipes. Let Bomb touch your pipes , but don't eat them.
Blockade BlitzBlockade Blitz A reinvented version of Breakout with monsters, powerups, and puzzle pieces to gather. Get them all.
James Bomb 2James Bomb 2 Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters of the labyrinth and escape out in this version of Bomberman.
Sinjid Battle ArenaSinjid Battle Arena Upgrade your weapon and win the fight with every monster!
Whoa BabyWhoa Baby Something is awfully wrong in Dimmsdale. An inexplicable army of fuzzy but furious bunnies and delicious but dangerous ice cream monsters have invaded the town. It's up to Timmy, with the help of Cosmo and Wanda, to save the day yet again!
Ghost SoccerGhost Soccer Win various matches in the top view soccer game Ghost Soccer.
Armed with WingsArmed with Wings Travel through the lands, in a quest to bring justice to the one who destroyed the rebellion army. Armed with an eagle, solve puzzles and beat down bad guys in this action packed platformer.
Night of the SnowmenNight of the Snowmen Shoot the monster snowmen as they pop out from hiding. Throw grenades quickly to take out multiple.
The Spidewick Chronicles The Siege on Spiderwick MansionThe Spidewick Chronicles The Siege on Spiderwick Mansion Help our hero defend the Spiderwick mansion against the swarming monster.
Spike BoySpike Boy Run around in this sidescroller grabbing candy and spinning your yo-yo at monsters. Rescue children.
MaoxiandaoMaoxiandao This is a small Korean flash game where you have to jump from platform to platform and battle all evil monsters to escape out of this cursed and dark dimension.
Monster ShopMonster Shop You have to help this girl to run the most scarey shop on earth. Try to reach the daily goals and reach the next level of this funny monster shop game.
Death Junior II The Root of EvilDeath Junior II The Root of Evil The TP will bounce around and destroy monsters. Score by killing enemies in 3 rounds. Press the Map button below if you need help figuring out where you need to shoot.
Savage PursuitSavage Pursuit Dr. Animo sends his mutant animals to retrieve the components for his transmodulator. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max know that Animo is up to something. They decide it to check io out themselves. Ben must recover the components before Animo completes his device.
Danny Phantom Portal ProblemDanny Phantom Portal Problem Aim at the monsters and punch them. Go into phantom mode to go through barriers. Fight boss battles.
Xevoz ShowdownXevoz Showdown Fight against strange monsters!
Snowy The Bears AdventuresSnowy The Bears Adventures Snowy the Bear has to defeat all of the strange monsters and come back to his Artic.
Squares and BladesSquares and Blades Put and end to the evil sleeping in the Dark Mountains.
Dark Lady has sent many packs of Orcs to seize the Mountains Heart. Only you and your brave companions could yet stand against her devilish plan. But time is against you.

You will face hosts of enemies, and your combat tactics is the most important aspect to determine whether you destroy them, or die.
Snow Rider AcademySnow Rider Academy Go downhill and escape the scary yeti.
Incubus PulsumIncubus Pulsum Smash the monster before they can invade earth.
Valencia SurehunterValencia Surehunter Zarek, the evil Irismancer, is has unleashed his army of eye monsters on the town of Battleon, and it's up to rare item hunter, Valencia Surehunter, to put an end to his monstrous fury. Help Valencia run, jump, and disembowel Irismancer's terrible troops!
Snow ThrowSnow Throw Throw the snowballs at the monsters in this game very similar to dodge ball.
Scooby Doo Monster MadnessScooby Doo Monster Madness Help Scooby shoot all the monsters on his way to reach the end. Good luck and enjoy!
Death JuniorDeath Junior Try to kill as much zombies as you can using flaming monsters head!
ZowieZowie You are Zowie and you're tasked is to defeat all monsters by casting spells on them twice by the use of your book. Good luck!
Monster InvadeMonster Invade The monsters are surrounding you in this top down view shooter. Shoot the monsters and grab the guns
Monster BashMonster Bash Help Bob Bolt clear the place of them pesky monsters!
The Halloweed ShooterThe Halloweed Shooter Shoot the Halloween monsters as they cross your lawn. Game has multiple achievements to reach.
Danny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy Face OffDanny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy Face Off Create your monster and fight it against other Danny Phantom monsters. How many can you beat?
IceScape 2IceScape 2 Move through the game as you explore the ice covered environment and try not to die or get to scared
Pirates of the Carribean Spin or SinkPirates of the Carribean Spin or Sink Collect gun powder and 100 souls. Also beat the monster and survive.
Monster Joust MadnessMonster Joust Madness Having returned a hero from the war against the Undead Assault Army, your glorious king has dispatched you to joust in a revered tournament against some of the most feared villains of the AdventureQuest world. Try to reach the championship round and earn money and better weapons along the way.
SpookizSpookiz This is a classic tetris type of game. Just match 3 monsters every drop.
BarutoBaruto Fight the monsters as you punch, throw Chinese stars, and vanish. Includes power attack!
MonstersMonsters Make your way around the rooms, gathering keys and unlocking doors. Beware of monsters!
Aeternus LamniaAeternus Lamnia Slash your way through tons of stuff in this first person sword fighter.
Monster GolfMonster Golf An awesome looking 3D golf game with a monster theme. Avoid the distractions from monsters and levels as you play to win!
It Came From The DeepIt Came From The Deep A kid eating monster lives at the bottom of lake, and the other kids have dared you to cross it, at night! Use your flashlight to avoid the monster and beat those kids at their own game!
Hunger StrikeHunger Strike Another tower defense game by way of KFC. Setup your food placements to attack the monsters.
Magic Hip Hop ForceMagic Hip Hop Force Armed with your two samurai katanas fight the monsters that habit the Devil’s forest.
Inner DefenseInner Defense Shoot all the monsters as they appear. Shoot whatever they separate in to also. same as asteroids.
Carrot HunterCarrot Hunter Grab as many carrots as possible while jumping over the monsters. Can you complete the level?

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