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The Pick of Destiny 2The Pick of Destiny 2 Coming in at over 15 MB is another skill testing DDR like game. Push the arrows just right.
AdagioAdagio Push the correct keys as the flaming balls pass over that letter on the screen.
Punk O MaticPunk O Matic One of the most popular flash games ever made. This game is very fun and very
addicting, Everybody's dream comes true with Punk O Matic because you are the
Bom Beat BattleBom Beat Battle Choose your fighter's moves by playing the indicated musical phrases. As the play head passes each note, press the corresponding key. The closer you play to the beat, the more damage your fighter will do.
Gorillaz Final DriveGorillaz Final Drive This is more like an interactive music video than a game.

But it's great to kill some time.
Floss Floss Dance and TossFloss Floss Dance and Toss Dance Dance Revolution similar game with live action dancers.
PianoPiano Play the the Piano and create some good melody.
Alvin MusicAlvin Music Can you play the harmonica like Alvin does.
Guitar MastersGuitar Masters Unleash your inner Guitar Master! Rock hard, very hard. Then unlock songs and guitars! Now with Save!!
Coolio BeatCoolio Beat Rock out to this very cool game. Just tap the corresponding letter when a music block is passing it. You can also hold the letter for long beats. So choose your song and prepare to bang your head to the beats. Enjoy!
Penguin Skate 2Penguin Skate 2 Snowboard, skate and fly! Collect musical candy canes to advance.
Freestyle DubFreestyle Dub Play as a music director and manage your band the way you what them to play music!
Music SmashMusic Smash This is the third installment of the series Music MiniGamez. Thank you for all those who enjoyed the other two. This one is a much harder version of Music Stomp, for those who thought Music Stomp a bit too easy, see if you can feel the beat!
AtreyuAtreyu Move around levels and slice up the enemies as you find icecream cones and more in side games.
Power Puff Girls Rock and RollPower Puff Girls Rock and Roll Help the Powerpuff girls remember how to play their song! You will be given a sequence of tunes played by the girls in a specific order. All you have to do is remember the order and click on the right Powerpuff girl to repeat the sequence. It will start out easy and then shortly become almost impossible to remember! How far can you get? Good luck, the show must go on!
Global GroovinGlobal Groovin Make your very own international beat.
Jungle JiggyJungle Jiggy Get perfect hits in a row to win combos.
Escaping Paris 2Escaping Paris 2 Ask yourself, why is bad porn music playing in the kitchen? Help Paris get out of jail, yet again. Can you avoid becoming one with the roaches?
Virtual DrumsVirtual Drums Become a real drum hero! Create whatever sound you want with these drums. Have fun!
Sue Drumming GameSue Drumming Game Watch the falling symbols, press the right keys and hear Sue singing her song!
Lead The BeatLead The Beat Jump from note to note to stay in the groove. If you get out of the screen, shows over, you're out! Watch out for the gaps!
Dream Dancer Dress UpDream Dancer Dress Up Your doll is getting ready for her audition! she wants to take part in the stage musical Arabian Nights! Can you make her look the part?
Shred ZoneShred Zone Asteroids remake where you're a guitar shooting records. Nice powerups and better than original.
LolailaLolaila Lolaila is a Spanish girl who likes Flamenco music. She's going out with her boyfriend today and she wants to look pretty.
Coolio Beat 2Coolio Beat 2 Another Guitar Hero like game. Push the right keys as the buttons pass over the line. Multiple songs
Honey DanceHoney Dance Help Honey get her moves on.
Dancing BushDancing Bush Dance the night away in disco style.
Coolio DJ Rock OutCoolio DJ Rock Out Rotate mouse to match the inside circles of both discs.
We Are Legend ArockalypseWe Are Legend Arockalypse Use flame traps to burn zombies. If you miss them, put a chainsaw to their face.
Snow White Way to WhistleSnow White Way to Whistle Whistle with the dwarves.
Rock Band Mosh PitRock Band Mosh Pit Are you ready to rock? Then dive to the mosh pit and show the that you rock!
Rhythm RevolutionRhythm Revolution Help Timmy, Cosmo and Wandra revive the town with rhythm and magic, and turn the boresville into the ultimate party town for kids.
Strawberry Shortcake DanceStrawberry Shortcake Dance Follow the dance steps Strawberry's giving to you.
Warriors Orochi DDRWarriors Orochi DDR Push the right arrow as they pass over. Starts off very easy, then gets insane.
Mad Dog SquadMad Dog Squad Pick up your pom poms and make your own routine.
Rockin 2 FameRockin 2 Fame Work your way up to becoming a rock star by competing in 6 concert levels and earn some money to increase your score.
SimoneSimone Look at how Simone dances, remember her moves and repeat them making click over the correspondent image. Your objective is to get 15 points.
Techno SurffTechno Surff Grab the colorful music notes, but avoid the black and gray ones. Score as much as possible.
Heavy Metal GirlHeavy Metal Girl Lay down some killer riffs in this fun platform game. Clear the level of the robots by hitting them with your heavy metal music. Collect the bonuses as the enemies get harder each level. Have Fun!
Rap AttackRap Attack Rain down the beats on Hip Hop Doggy. Use the left/right arrows to shake out the tunes--the funkier the groove, the better the score. Give yourself air with the Space bar to avoid crashing into the massive speakers.
Holly Hobbie Surprise PartyHolly Hobbie Surprise Party Holly must prepare a surprise party for her aunt. Help her pick up apples, presents, invitations and music before aunt Jessie arrives home.
Beavis and Butt Head Air GuitarBeavis and Butt Head Air Guitar Always wanted to be a bad-ass rockstar? Then don't play this game, Captain Butt-munch. This game lets you play music that's unbelievably bad. Add in a few burps and farts (in the key of F minor) and make devil horns with your fingers for bonus fun.
Quest for the RestQuest for the Rest Point and click adventure game about a band called 'The Polyphonic Spree'. Help three band members get back to the rest of the group by discovering ways to solve the obstacles in the game.
VanVan Help Philpot and Dave get to music festival before fast drivers and hippies by leaving oil slicks on the road.
Monsters Of RockMonsters Of Rock Become a Rockstar hero. Grab your guitar and lets get it on!
Robot Dance BattleRobot Dance Battle Grab the correct music icons to blast the other robot. Be quick, the other robot is trying to grab them too!
Dance RevolutionDance Revolution Help this ambitious skeleton fulfill his goals of becoming the world's first dancing skeleton champion. Dance revolution at its finest!
Dancing HilaryDancing Hilary Dance the night away in disco style.
Dunce Dunce RevolutionDunce Dunce Revolution Push the arrows as they pass over the arrows on the screen. Multiple levels to pass.
Totally Spies DanceTotally Spies Dance Help the Totally spies do a perfect dance routine. If you miss one. you will fall. If all three fall down game over and try again.
Princess MakerPrincess Maker Dance to the rhythm of music. Not miss much or you will make to cry the girl.
Music MatchingMusic Matching Play the music that is being palyed by the game.
Music ZapMusic Zap Another version of the series game Music MiniGamez!
Climate ChaosClimate Chaos The Super Flash Bros present a brand new 3D adventure from the world of Another Day. Featuring original music by Dustball and voice acting by Egoraptor!
Toon CrisisToon Crisis Shoot the crazy toons! Excellent Music!
Alpha and OmegaAlpha and Omega Nice flash music game!
Bat and Spiders Out of HellBat and Spiders Out of Hell Send the bats and creepy crawlies back to where they came from! Deliver the creatures to the correct portals, and don't let them disturb the band!

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