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Sea of Fire 2Sea of Fire 2 Build Barracks and Factories to build Troops and Tanks to demolish your enemy! We don't take prisoners in this Real Time Strategy!
SteppenWolf Chapter 2 Episode 1SteppenWolf Chapter 2 Episode 1 The search for the Yeti begins. Terrorist have taken you prisoner. Derek's been murdered. To survived you must escape armed guards and hide in the nearby Tibetan monastery!
Escaping Paris 2Escaping Paris 2 Ask yourself, why is bad porn music playing in the kitchen? Help Paris get out of jail, yet again. Can you avoid becoming one with the roaches?
Strategy DefenseStrategy Defense Once upon a time there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire expanded their territory and destryed all the villages of doven Most of the Doven kingdom army was killedand the king of Doven, named Fayla, ran into the Dark forest, powerless and without soldiersor without guards to protect him. His wife and children and the Doven General were imprisoned at the Icegreen Island.

But Fayla was not hopeless. There was one last warrior, named undefined, from the Doven kingdom who had intelligence and strength and many talents. King Fayla ordered undefined to rescue his family and destroy all the enemies at the land of Doven.
Saw IV TrappedSaw IV Trapped "Trapped turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience filled with a shockingly sadistic challenge.
Your goal: free Jigsaw’s two prisoners from captivity by placing the right item in the right room in the right order."

Filesize is over 6Mb, so it will take some time to load on a slow connection.
Ultimate DownUltimate Down In Ultimate Down, TV violence comes true. Take the control of a prisoner who is forced to fight against zombies on a TV reality show. Be careful, many enemies will invade you, and there will always be more and more throughout the levels.
Wendell Baker StoryWendell Baker Story Free three prisoners and get back to the van avoiding the shoots.
Jack The FugitiveJack The Fugitive Escape from prison and shoot cops. Go for headshots to take them out fast. Bunch of different levels.
Prison BreakPrison Break Escape from your prison cell.
Prison EscapePrison Escape Try to escape the prison without getting detected
Prisoner of WarPrisoner of War You're a POW and you must escape immediately.
Break OutBreak Out Escape from prison by dodging guards, and spotlights. Use costumes to fool guards and spotlights.
Prison ThrowPrison Throw Escape prison by firing yourself in a catapult and avoiding the guards. You may also collect money and dynamites or missile remote. You may use the remote to fire missiles at your desired target. Good luck!
Escaping ParisEscaping Paris Sneak passed guards views, grab the prison keys and unlock doors and attempt to escape.
Escape ParisEscape Paris Your mission is to help Paris escape from jail. First find the key to unlock the doors which is marked with green sign. Beware of the guard, don't let them see you or you gonna fail.
Operation ThunderOperation Thunder Cruel Lee has held 200 soldiers hostage. As Capt.George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded prison.
Prison ArcadePrison Arcade Grab coins as you work your way to the exit as you dodge prison guards and dogs.
Catapult GrandpaCatapult Grandpa Launch grandpa just right so that he passes through the hole in the prison wall. Watch that wind!
Arrival in HellArrival in Hell You are in a prison cell with notorious criminals until one night some mysterious thing happen..
CitygunnerCitygunner Shoot your way through the city in the side-scrolling action game City Gunner. Try to uncage all prisoners.
Peppy s Wentworth Miller Dress UpPeppy s Wentworth Miller Dress Up A Golden Globe-nominated British-born American actor who rose to stardom following his starring role as Michael Scofield in the Fox Network television series Prison Break.
Zelda Links BackyardZelda Links Backyard The new Zelda online adventure arrived! Join the magical quest with the classic arcade hero. Try to escape this bush prison and find a way out of your backyard.
Thief HuntingThief Hunting You are controlling the prison were the notorious thieves are imprisoned. Suddenly some of them try to escape from the prison. Be a responsible prison guard and prevent them from escaping. Grab and drop the escaping thieves into the police patrol. In the 1st level, score a minimum of 500 and in the 2nd level score a minimum of 1500 and 3rd levels score a minimum of 2500. It will make the thief to fall but reduces your 10 points. It will make the thief to fall off but reduces your 20 points. It will make the thief to freeze up for a moment but reduces your 30 points. It will make the thief to be idle for but reduces your 40 points.
Prison of IndustryPrison of Industry Can you escape the prison of industry?
Barack o BreakBarack o Break Can Obama personally free the Guantanamo Bay prisoners? Yes, he can!
Zoo EscapeZoo Escape Prison is demeaning, even for aquatic birds. Help those penguins make a break for freedom!
Prison SniperPrison Sniper Gun down all the prisoners attempting to escape. Later levels require you to avoid shooting guards.
Rice AttackRice Attack Fight your way into enemy territory. Kill all soldiers you encounter and rescue the prisoners to get weapon upgrades.
Jailbreak 2Jailbreak 2 You may have escaped jail once but youve been caught and are back behind prison bars. Now youve been put in a higher security prison, so jailbreaking is gonna be pretty hard. Can you pull it off?
Escaping the PrisonEscaping the Prison The sequel to Breaking the Bank. Help him escape from prison.
Sniper FreedomSniper Freedom Use your sniper to solve puzzles. Unlike most sniper games, don't use it to kill anyone.
Escape from AgeonEscape from Ageon Commander Lucas is prisoner in the planet Ageon. The Ageons hold the commander as prisoner under high-security conditions. Your mission is to bring back the Commander Lucas.Game Controls:
The Shotgun Princess IIThe Shotgun Princess II Our Shotgun Princess is trapped again! This time, she's in a Goblin's prison. Why are these goblins so aggro? Use your escaping skills to bust out!
Escape the CubeEscape the Cube Bust out of space prison! Unlike the guards, you can make your gravity spin. This will help, but it won't solve all your problems: you'll need skillz. Get going!
Death Row DinerDeath Row Diner Your goal is to feed food the death row inmates and make them away on group fight's, Keep the jail warden happy.
Escape from the CubeEscape from the Cube Escape from prison, one corridor at a time. In each level, one guard will have a key icon over his head. Take him down and swipe his key to unlock the exit, then make your way to the door.
PursuerPursuer You must catch the criminals before they reach the gates and break through, use the weapons you have and aim with intention to take them out, this is your only chance, as waves of bad guys come flooding towards the gate.

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