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Samura Jack Code of the SamuraiSamura Jack Code of the Samurai As a Samurai, infiltrate deep into the enemy territory and gain victory.
Stick Smasher BloodfestStick Smasher Bloodfest Enjoy another bloodfest with this stickman as he goes mad against his enemy red sticks. You may play either Survival or Time Trial mode. Good luck and have fun!
3 Foot Ninja I The Lost Scrolls3 Foot Ninja I The Lost Scrolls On your quest to find your destiny, you'll face many obstacles and many enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are numerous and deadly. Find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. Beware of the many tricks of your opponents and be quick to counter their attacks. May good fortune be with you!
Samurais BloodSamurais Blood Kill all enemy ninjas and samurais!
Ninja QuestNinja Quest Ninja quest is a free sideview platform flash game in which you have to fight the evil ninja clan that captured your girlfriend.
Ronin Spirit of the SwordRonin Spirit of the Sword Go through these ancient corridors as you battle it out with other samurai dodge bamboo traps and get pretty cute girls.
Stick TrinityStick Trinity 3 Stick Characters to chose: Warrior,Assassin,Berserker.7 Chapters, ton of guards. Katana,Spear,Wrist Sword,Flying daggers.
SwordsmanSwordsman Defeat your enemies in this fast paced sword fighting game.
Funky Samurai Kengou ChanFunky Samurai Kengou Chan The enemy has surrounded you. Push the letters of the enemies to attack them.
Sketchbook SamuraiSketchbook Samurai Use your samurai sword skills to cut up the enemies that continue to appear.
Fierce FighterFierce Fighter Flash side scrolling fighting game. You, Bruce Lee, have to fight your way through the enemy land full of Samurai warriors and their bosses. The yellow line means murderous look and will increase when you hit your enemy. Once the word Skill appears, you can use Tullong feet, and when word Kill appears you can use the mouse murderous action.
Samurai DefenseSamurai Defense Protect the dojo by building up your samurai forces to combat and defeat the incoming enemy waves.
Samurai WingsSamurai Wings You are one of the technological rebel warriors known as Samurai Wings, and you have to fight against the maleficent F.D.U. dictatorship droids.
Blind SwordsmanBlind Swordsman Slice and dice all attacking ninjas that would hurt your blind ninja.
Samurai AssholeSamurai Asshole Avenge your masters death to the three religious leader!
Samurai Jack Desert QuestSamurai Jack Desert Quest Jack must battle Aku and his minions to save the life of a little girl. Urns contain health potions that will replenish Jack's life meter.
Magic Hip Hop ForceMagic Hip Hop Force Armed with your two samurai katanas fight the monsters that habit the Devil’s forest.
Samurais Blood 2 Wazabis RevengeSamurais Blood 2 Wazabis Revenge The chase of a Samurai to avenge his grandfathers murder continues when his friend turns out to be his enemy. This is the second part of the action packed fighting game where a Samurai has set out on a mission to take revenge of his grandfathers murder. He was murdered by some evil Ninjas to get hold of the seven elements which give the bearer the power to rule the world.
Genjuro FightGenjuro Fight Play as a samurai and defeat all evil ninjas that come in your way!
Year of SnakeYear of Snake Hack and Slash the Enemy
The SamuraiThe Samurai Help the samurai through different exciting levels by jumping over the crates and try to clear out before losing all your lives.
Ronin WarriorRonin Warrior Hack and slash your way through endless waves of enemy footmen. These inbreeds know no honor, so you should show no mercy.

Use the spoils of war to buy sharper blades or get some expert training.
Chgamploo Mugen Dress UpChgamploo Mugen Dress Up Help our funky samurai get prep up for one awesome battle.
Sudoku HeroSudoku Hero Find the way of the samurai with Sudoku Hero, a bright, samurai-themed spin on the Japanese game of logic and numbers. Fill in each row, column, and 3x3 box with the numbers 1 through 9, without repeating any numbers. Click a square to place a number. Play with a timer or without. Use the solver if you get stuck. With 6 difficulty levels to conquer, Sudoku Hero offers a heroic dose of online puzzle fun.
Soul of the KatanaSoul of the Katana Send your antagonists to the happy ninja garden in the sky in this action game.
Chaos EdgeChaos Edge use your martial arts sword and shuriken skills to dispatch deadly ninja warriors. Get upgrades and power ups dropped by fallen foes.
Samurai MasterSamurai Master Many enemies stand between you and your goal. Fortunately, your samurai skills are impeccable! Leave a trail of bloody bodies all the way from Kyoto to Tokyo. Samurai art courtesy of Brad "fancy pants" Borne!
Ninja Dress upNinja Dress up The legend of the ninja here comes!!he needs to save his princess. help him to choose the weapons and accesories.
Spear and KatanaSpear and Katana Fight other circles as you gain a following and defeat smarter, and better groups of enemies.
Fox X the DawningFox X the Dawning Meet Jen Fox. She's rich, famous and very good at killing people! With tips from your assistant, Gwen, complete increasingly deadly assignments!
Samurai Warrior DollSamurai Warrior Doll Being samurai is your calling, and you are training to be a
mighty warrior! You are a fearless samurai ready to take on the world.
Just pick out what to wear and what accessories you need.
Girigiri RunGirigiri Run Jojoja the fatty samurai has stolen Onionis favorite food Girigiri. Help Onioni get his Girigiri back!
Golden AvengerGolden Avenger Slice and dice your way as you continue to defeat all the enemies that appear on the screen.
FoolyooFoolyoo Slice your way through men with dragon masks on in this Japanese game for maximum points but be aware if you delay in this matter they will kill you.
Hack n SushiHack n Sushi Collect and bring back the food scattered around the place.
This Bunny Kills 3This Bunny Kills 3 Fight off the bunnies as more and more come at you of harder difficulty.
Benjo NinjaBenjo Ninja Get into the skin of Ben 10 and get ready to fight with your katana against a samurai army. For start click ONYA
Sushi Grand PrixSushi Grand Prix Do you have the raw courage and the samurai spirit to be the next sushi champion?
Sammy Samurai RunnerSammy Samurai Runner Help Sammy to avoid all enemies.

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