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Super Smash FlashSuper Smash Flash Great two players game. You can choose your player from worlds favorite character, Mario, Sonic, Tales and Zelda. Try all of the characters and see who you like best.
RampageRampage If you've ever watched one of those old Japanese horror movies starring a guy wearing a rubber monster suit and thought to yourself, "How can I get a job like that?", here's your big chance. Wreck everything. Eat everything. Burn everything. Climb everything. Smash everything and rejoice in a game that rewards unruly havoc rather than kiddie grade heroics.
TurnausTurnaus Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword and smashing his door.
Monster Jam DestructionMonster Jam Destruction Choose your Monster Jam Truck and stomp on everything! The more you destroy the more points you get!
Desert RallyDesert Rally Step up the gas and use your brakes when bumpy terrain is coming up.

How long can you keep going until you smash up your car?
Music SmashMusic Smash This is the third installment of the series Music MiniGamez. Thank you for all those who enjoyed the other two. This one is a much harder version of Music Stomp, for those who thought Music Stomp a bit too easy, see if you can feel the beat!
Macin SmashMacin Smash Smash as many Mac computers and laptops as possible in 60 seconds. Not Macintosh, Macin SMASH!
Garus GetawayGarus Getaway Help Garu get away from Pucca, smash falling noodles by jumping on them and avoid falling hearts full of Pucca love along the way or else Garu will lose ninja power!
Wheel of DangerWheel of Danger Throw knives at a spinning lady on a wheel.
Try to smash as many balloons as possible.
Stone Age FightStone Age Fight Smash 'em monkeys and rabbits to earn points but avoid snakes, lions and dragons because you will lose points. Watch out also for the bird for it will drop apples for more points but avoid blocks for it will add for more pains. Good luck!
Climate RevengeClimate Revenge Smash buildings! Fling trucks! Dampen spirits! When peoples start Global Warming, Mr. Climate strikes back!
Hulk Smash UpHulk Smash Up Hulk is on a RAMPAGE. Destroy all buildings!
Varmol MayhemVarmol Mayhem Hit all the vermen that pop up out of the garden. Careful, some need hit multiple times.
T Wrecks Gut BusterT Wrecks Gut Buster Eat cars as much as you can before the time runs out
Ghost Raider Demon DuelGhost Raider Demon Duel Eliminate all the zombies by smashing them using your powerful weapon the flaming metal chain and don't let any zombies touch you if that happened the game is over...
Lemon SmashLemon Smash Lemons can be dangerous and a pain in the ass, especially when there are too many of them.

Smash up those lemons and see if you can get a top score.
Munchkin SmasherMunchkin Smasher Smash those annoying munchkins. They think they are so cute, but it's time to make some bloody pulp.
Smash the BlocksSmash the Blocks Press right arrow keys and Space bar to smash all the blocks with your mallet.
Slug SmashSlug Smash Smash up an army of psychotic slugs and dodge explosive meteors!
Fantastic Four Rush CrushFantastic Four Rush Crush The Power Smash destroys multiple Doom-bots in one go. To activate : charge your power bar by destroying enemies. Help the Thing rescue his Fantastic friends by destroying Doctor Doom's deadly robots along the way
Just Not CricketJust Not Cricket Hit all the attacking moles before they kill your playmates!
Incredible Crash DummiesIncredible Crash Dummies Air the right angle to smash the wall with the dummies
Incubus PulsumIncubus Pulsum Smash the monster before they can invade earth.
Urban SwatUrban Swat Help the maid kill some flies and make points. Get bonus for hitting more than one fly. Be careful not to break any appliances, ok? Good luck!
Defend the North PoleDefend the North Pole Naughty kids are attacking the north pole! As Santa, it's your job to defend the North Pole. Use your candy cane to smash the kids back - defeating a kid will give you candy cane ( the harder to beat, the more candy cane you will get ). use candy canes to heal north pole, fortify it or increase Santa's strength. Good luck!
Dr Oct RampageDr Oct Rampage Classic game of rampage! Play as the doc himself!
Cobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy GoCobra Flash Adventures Easy Come Easy Go Action game shoot, fight, slash, smash your enemies, pick up bonuses, fly with your space ship.
Rob Vs Bob 3Rob Vs Bob 3 Shoot the monster in his brain to win. Can you win before getting smashed?
Alien DisciplineAlien Discipline Use your big hammer to smash naughty aliens, but watch out for missiles and bombs.
Bot BrigadeBot Brigade Dexter and Mandark are preparing for battle in the Bot Arena. They each other posses an arsenal of high-tech robots programmed to smash each othe rto pieces. Playing as Dexter, Launch your bots across the board and try to break through Mandark's barrier on the other side. Once you're through the barrier, you win.
Not in ContractNot in Contract Click on your clients to silence their cliches. Each client you miss will reduce your profit. The Project Deadline will start to countdown - race to finish your project with profit to spare.
TorTor You are Tor, a large, gentle natured Martian living in space and solitude in the Martian wilderness. Unfortunately, video games don't often go on like that for long. Earthlings have finally visited your planet and are bringing with them their litter, rap rock, religions and fast food restaurant franchises. You grab your state of the art SmashMaster 4000 and set out to shut down their invasion at the source.
Tor Smash MasterTor Smash Master Here you are playing Tor, the friendly Martian smash master!
Entropic SpaceEntropic Space Take up the mantle of the Planetkiller! Smash planets for fuel while avoiding astral anomalies in this exciting arcade game! Use your thrusters and deflector wall to smash planets in your crusade to rid the universe of intelligent life! Watch out for black and white holes though, not even Astrocrash the Planetkiller can survive good, old-fashioned spaghettification!
Twisted TennisTwisted Tennis Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit! Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit!
Hulk Central SmashdownHulk Central Smashdown Jump on all the robots that are trying to attack you. Don't let them get too close.
TomatazosTomatazos Fire at the fruit so that they become ice cream and smash the tomatoes with a hammer.
DetonateDetonate Destroy the bombs by smashing them together, click on the red bombs directly.
Crazy MonkeysCrazy Monkeys Play with monkeys to smash coconuts for points.
Celebrity Flat ClubCelebrity Flat Club Squash all the celebs within 45 secs by guiding your player with the cursor keys, but watch out for the tacks!
VoltronVoltron Smash all the alien but avoid killing the humans. You only have limited time to be a hero.
Freestyle SquashFreestyle Squash Go loose on the ball and smash it as hard as you can on the wall! Play one on one matches or the entire competition.
Last Years Left OverLast Years Left Over The food has gone bad. Stomp on it before you start puking!
Pumpkin Patch BlastPumpkin Patch Blast Pick up the pumpkins before they grow huge in size and gets blown up in this Halloween themed game.
Desert Rally GameDesert Rally Game Step up the gas and use your brakes when bumpy terrain is coming up. How long can you keep going until you smash up your car?
Big Joes Homerun ChallengeBig Joes Homerun Challenge It's homerun derby time! Play as Big Joe and try to smash as many baseballs out of the park as you can.
Stoneage PanicStoneage Panic It's all a panic as boulders come raining down from the sky and thundering along the ground, use your club to destroy as many as you can whilst collecting red orbs.
Last Action HeroLast Action Hero Last Action Hero has to break all the walls to complete the game. He has 5 lives to achieve this task.
Xmas Gift BreakerXmas Gift Breaker Smash all the falling gifts in the sky.
ClickroachClickroach Nobody likes getting smashed, including this disgusting roach. Try to see it his way: he only wants to eat your garbage and lay eggs in your sock drawer. Stay inside the lines; stay away from falling bricks, and stay alive!
Egg BreakEgg Break Smash the speeding eggs.
Chris Brown PunchChris Brown Punch He's all up yours now, Do what you want to do..
Penguin Ice BreakerPenguin Ice Breaker The little Penguin is on its way to Antarctica. To reach the place safely, make the Penguin to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals using the hammer. Use the right arrow key to move the Penguin and space bar to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals. In the 1st level, score a minimum of 15000 in 90 seconds, and in the 2nd and 3rd levels score a minimum of 10000 in 120 seconds.
Brick SmashBrick Smash Bounce the ball off the skateboard to smash.
Smileys LunchtimeSmileys Lunchtime Smash the ground and eat all people.
Escape from Brighton PierEscape from Brighton Pier Smash stuff and avoid getting a bird beak through your eye.
Creepy Candy CrazeCreepy Candy Craze Help Otis satisfy his supernatural hunger for Candy! Get as much candy as possible before sunrise.

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