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Electricman 2 HSElectricman 2 HS Defeat all your opponent to prove to be the most powerful being in the stick man universe!
Top FiguresTop Figures This is one unique game. Click on the sticks to dissapear but the boy on top must stay on top of the water. The more sticks you remove, the higher the points. Each level would be more exciting. Have fun and enjoy!
Clear Vision 2Clear Vision 2 Accomplish various sniping missions.

Between missions you´ll find out about this sniper´s dark past. Will he learn from his mistakes and turn evil to good?

Warning: violent content.

Filesize is almost 10Mb, so it takes a while to load.
Girl Makeover 29Girl Makeover 29 Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty. Don't forget to use lipstick, dress her with necklaces.
Clear VisionClear Vision Between assassination jobs, learn the dark truth about this stick dude's past. It's not pretty. But he does have a nice apartment.
Hangman PlusHangman Plus See if you can save this stick figure from certain doom as you fumble your way through the words. Although if you have to see him die, try the fish! It's excellent.
Champiom ArcherChampiom Archer Help your army win the war with your talent in archery.
Sniper AssasinSniper Assasin A few more levels of getting missions and shooting stick figures with your sniper rifle.
Chaos War 3Chaos War 3 Fight the stick figures with your sword and spells. Level up your character by killing more enemies.
Dry FireDry Fire Protect your turret and destroy any approaching enemy attacking your base. Choose upgrades, too. This is one of the baddest stick shooting game ever!
Territory WarTerritory War Remake of Worms. Destroy the enemy team.
Storm the House 2Storm the House 2 This is the second installment to the Storm the House series. This one has got a new weapon called Gravity Cannon and other high-powered guns. Enjoy!
Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2 The most anticipated sequel of stickman's greatest torture is here! The chamber is now filled with more ways to end up the so-called life of this stick. Enjoy those ways and have fun!
Johnny RocketfingersJohnny Rocketfingers Help the suppish Johnny Rocketfingers save the little girl that has been kidnapped by the local thugs
Stickman MadnessStickman Madness This is one of the best stickman shooting games ever. You go on a mission to save a stickman. Get your gun and shoot all those sticks. How mad could it possibly be? Good luck!
Commando StrikeCommando Strike Your primary mission is to kill the evil sticks and advance to the next level. Your secondary mission is to protect the flag, don't let the enemy take it.
Johnny Rocketfingers 2Johnny Rocketfingers 2 Johnny steals drugs from the wrong dealer and has to get out of his bad situation.
Stick Figure PenaltyStick Figure Penalty This stick's fate lies in your hands. Choose however you want to kill him and witness how he dies! Enjoy!
Sift HeadsSift Heads Kill some people. This is a violent game - sensitive or young people should not play it.

Cheats :
Invincible / MAFIOSO
Infinit Ammo / VINNIE
Hang Man ExtremeHang Man Extreme Answer correctly or the stick man will die. Don't worry he won't be hung but instead there are a lot ways for him to die.
Brainsplatters 2Brainsplatters 2 Solve the crime and survive.
Tactical Assassin 2Tactical Assassin 2 You are the elite sniper of a organization that is assigned various missions. Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals.

Take out your targets fast and efficiently without leaving a trace.

Try to clear all nine missions!
HaplandHapland Try to light the two torches and open portal.
Super Fight FightSuper Fight Fight Fight against stick figures in this sidescroller. Build your chi to use crazy fighting skills.
Small Arms WarSmall Arms War Awesome stick figure shooter with multiple weapons and maybe unlimited enemies.
Stickman Madness 2Stickman Madness 2 Very cool 3D stickman shooter. As the stickmen pop out, blast them away. Reload at the right times!
One Mans Doomsday 1One Mans Doomsday 1 This stick's goal is to defeat all his enemies with his martial arts skills and shooting skills but he was more powerful if he rides his tank. Go wreck havoc with this mad stick. Have fun!
Decorrupt the DeforestersDecorrupt the Deforesters Stop those evil tree killers with your fists of fury!
Xiao Xiao No 4Xiao Xiao No 4 The fourth installment to the best stickman shooting game. Enjoy!
Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Demo VersionFancy Pants Adventure 2 Demo Version This is the demo version for the sequel of the successful Fancy Pants series. But still this is lots of fun to play and we all can't wait for the full version. Don't forget to fire up yourself to the cannon to get at the top, and don't let him sleep, ok? Enjoy!
Draw Your Cartoon CharacterDraw Your Cartoon Character This is a very cool one. You will be drawing your own character with its body parts. Just click first the box with the part name and draw the part. You may choose from some cool colors and if you're finished, you can click animate and watch him dance. Very cool.
Girl Makeover 22Girl Makeover 22 Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty. Don't forget to use lipstick, dress her with necklaces.
Stick RPGStick RPG What do you do in this GTA-like world? Work out to raise your strength, and you might find yourself the winner of a bar fight. Are you a charmer, a fighter, or a smarty-pants?
Macin SmashMacin Smash Smash as many Mac computers and laptops as possible in 60 seconds. Not Macintosh, Macin SMASH!
Frantic ShooterFrantic Shooter A very fun first person shooter that includes stickman action.
Stickicide 3Stickicide 3 Try to kill your stick figure as many times as possible and score the points for all of the deaths.
Reverb 2Reverb 2 The Second half of the creepy action packed puzzle game that got us all pulling our hair out until our faces turned green.
BalancerBalancer Try to balance the stick using your mouse, don't let the girl fall!
StickmessStickmess As the story is told you need to push keys to get the character out of a jam quickly. Can you do it?
Girl Makeover 32Girl Makeover 32 Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty. Don't forget to use lipstick, dress her with necklaces.
A Stick and His KittenA Stick and His Kitten Fight the stickmen, get in tanks, build up power to unleash upon helpless stick figures.
SquaremanSquareman A sidescroller action platform game. Bounce on jump pads and dodge bad guys. Don't die squareman!
Elysium ManElysium Man Elysium Man is cool stickman fighting game. You have to guide the hero through various levels. Kill all the enemy fighters who cross your path. And be sure to watch out for other dangerous threats. Also be sure to pick up the special power ups that you find.
Blobi PopBlobi Pop Explode the bubbles and releases the bacterias! Stick 3 of the same bubbles color to explode them.
Hang The AlienHang The Alien Old school hangman isn’t good enough for some people. Now, we have to hang an alien. What’s next, Hang the Zombie?
Squareman 2Squareman 2 Complete each map. Early levels teach you what you can and can't do. Nice platform jumper.
Storm the HouseStorm the House These stick figures want to destroy you and your job is to protect the stronghold by shooting these sticks to death.
Sift Heads 2 Demo VersionSift Heads 2 Demo Version The sequel to the first Sift Head has finally arrived! You can buy weapons that you can use in your missions. When a sign appears on the screen, press the correct arrow key to make sure Vinnie is doing the right move.
Stickman Sam 3Stickman Sam 3 The third installment is finally here and this time, Sam is tasked to find the cheese. Can you find it? Good luck and have fun!
Stick Smasher BloodfestStick Smasher Bloodfest Enjoy another bloodfest with this stickman as he goes mad against his enemy red sticks. You may play either Survival or Time Trial mode. Good luck and have fun!
Puppy FetchPuppy Fetch Fetch the stick as fast as possible! Beware of cats and other obstacles!
Bum RushBum Rush Skate down the road and punch and kick the bums as they are sitting and standing in your way.
Super Crazy Baseball Maniac DeluxeSuper Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe This is the craziest and funniest baseball game ever as you try first to shine your lucky bat then psyche the pitcher and finally the chasing of the ball is on! Have fun!
Stick TrampolineStick Trampoline Bounce the stick figure on the trampoline as you bounce him higher and higher and swing on ropes.
Dynasty StreetDynasty Street Enter the Dynasty Street and battle your way through the hub and destroy the Red
stick man.
Stickman Sam 2Stickman Sam 2 The most awaited sequel to the Stickman Sam series is here! He's on for one exciting mission once again.
Girl Makeover 24Girl Makeover 24 Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty. Don't forget to use lipstick, dress her with necklaces.

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