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Battlefield GeneralBattlefield General It's the Qin Dynasty in ancient China. Your mission is to accumulate as much gold as possible in each of your own war campaigns to help the emperor build the Great Wall. So gear up your army, pacify the lands, make as much gold as possible, conquer and survive to show them you are the battlefield general! Good luck!
Hot Dog BushHot Dog Bush "Ever wonder what President George "Dubya" Bush will be doing once he leaves the White House?
Well, we wondered too and voted for him to run a hot dog stand, in the city that never sleeps - New York!"

Start your hot-dog stand in the Bronx, earn your cash and try to move up to Wall Street.
Mouse Avoider 2Mouse Avoider 2 Guide the red dot by passing through the maze without hitting the walls.
Gold StrikeGold Strike Strike the moving mineral walls before it reaches you!
Kore KartKore Kart Race as fast as you can through the dirt roads while watching out for the walls and other objects so you don't crash.
Beat the WallBeat the Wall Try to beat the wall and find the net in six progressively harder matches!
Castle Attack 2Castle Attack 2 Your aim in this awesome 3D flash game is to defend your castle against hordes of marauding enemy spearmen, nail the catapult before it obliterates your castle walls and use your flaming logs to repel the deadly axemen! You must defend your castle builders at all costs, once your castle is built enemy units will freak away.
Athlete Balls n WallsAthlete Balls n Walls Aim and fire the balls over the wall catch opponents balls and destroy the platforms to win.
Ice WallsIce Walls Punch your way through ice walls! This game is seriously addictive! Make sure your timing is accurate on breaking the ice.
James BombJames Bomb This is a classic bomberman game with more exciting characters. Avoid monsters while bombing walls to collect power-ups and earn points. Good luck!
Crash Test Dummy OlympicsCrash Test Dummy Olympics Crash the car into the wall and launch the dummy as far as you can. Use Space bar to change up through the gears at the optimum moment. Use space bar to set elevation of dummy. Try and get the dummy as high as possible up the wall.
Bikini Bottom or BurstBikini Bottom or Burst Pop bubbles but don't pop your glove balloon. You've only got 3 spares! Stay away from the walls on your way up and on your way down or you'll lose points.
Princess Room DesignerPrincess Room Designer Decorate your bedroom however you want. Choose the color of the walls, floor, bed, etc.
Stitch Master of DisguiseStitch Master of Disguise When the Bounty Hunters come to Stitch's door, one of the pictures on the wall will light up. Your job is to dress stitch exactly like the picture. You have a set amount of time to search Stitch's room and find all 4 parts of the costume. Match the costume with the correct one before time runs out.
Adrenaline ChallengeAdrenaline Challenge Collect all the tag as fast as possible while avoiding to collide your head to any walls!
Dabbawalla InternationalDabbawalla International The Mumbai Dabbawallas are going international, thanks to their management efficiency. They have been invited to provide their services to 4 cities around the globe. to keep their reputation, it's your job to match right orders.

Each Station represents a food item, left click on the order followed by a click on the respective station to deliver. Pick up tips from satisfied customers and get collective score at the end of the stage. Collect the tips on time before they reduce in value and gradually disappear. The game ends if the accuracy meter becomes empty.
ChinaChina Make your own China. Build houses or walls and place them whereever you please.
Sleepless AssassinSleepless Assassin Move through each level grabbing coins, climbing walls, and shooting the enemies with your bow.
Cat BatCat Bat Get rid of the cats by gently coax them over the wall!
VR Defender Y3KVR Defender Y3K Defend your server's firewall using virtual arsenal to prevent the waves of virus from destroying the server's firewall. Your defense consisted of a variety of stationary emplacements along the network path, By strategically choosing, placing, and upgrading towers you just might be able to destroy the viruses before they reach the firewall. You can hold down the shift key to build multiple towers of the same type. Hold down spacebar to see the life meters of all the viruses.
Avatar Fire Nation Barge BarrageAvatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage Conquer earth and water tribes with Prince Zuko by the fire nation barge. Just choose the village you want to attack and then gear up yourself for battle. The villagers are harder to conquer if their defenses are high. Save shipwrecked firebenders strewn out of the waters to form your crew. Use their bending energy to throw fireballs to enemy's walls. Watch out for golems and sea dragons too and collect necessary power-ups. Good luck!
Rocket RunRocket Run Collect all stars and try not to hit any walls.
LemmiwinksLemmiwinks Help Lemmiwinks get out of the place but avoid getting hit into wall.
Alus RevengeAlus Revenge Destroy the wall of warriors to find the stone. Click on the matching images to remove them before they reach the ceiling.
Incredible Crash DummiesIncredible Crash Dummies Air the right angle to smash the wall with the dummies
FirewallFirewall Based on the movie firewall
AquarotationAquarotation Keep the submarine from touching the sea walls as your sub rotates. Put a cork in it!
Crazy ChopperCrazy Chopper Dodge the canyon walls and platforms. Grab the parachuting points, but watch out for the parachutes.
Digital TunnelsDigital Tunnels Click start and follow the tunnel to the finish while avoiding walls. Collect bulbs to gain extra lives. The faster you finish the better your score.
Blob LanderBlob Lander You must land your blob safely without hitting any walls or coming down too fast.
OrbitronOrbitron Shoot the incoming enemy shapes as you setup a wall to protect the planet. Similar to Invaders.
ShootShoot An army of mobsters will try to bring you down as you're stuck back to the wall. Blaze your way out with the aid of your gun. They will never spare your life. Good luck!
Marble CityMarble City Jump and grab the coins in Marble City as you shoot down walls and save the girl marbles.
Ball Revamped 4Ball Revamped 4 Reach the exit without touching the walls.
Invader ZimInvader Zim Jump and run on platforms, walls and ceilings. Collect all the keys to open doors.
The NingotiatorsThe Ningotiators Move the Ninjette around town and beat the enemy as fast as you can. Don't let the wall touch you or you will lose!
Rigelian HotshotsRigelian Hotshots Use the arrow keys to control the fireball. Kill thrill suckers to earn points. Hitting walls or getting caught in traps gets you killed so make sure to steer clear. If you loose health, you can recharge by catching other fireballs as they pass by.
HelicopterHelicopter Try to fly the helicopter as far as you can! Avoid the walls!
Bump CopterBump Copter The copter must reach the flag. You can hit walls without loosing health, but if you hit the mines you loose life.
Spill The BeansSpill The Beans Shoot with your bean gun toward the ever-advancing beans and try to clear the wall to advance to the next level.
SnaketSnaket A topdown snake game where you have to hunt little chicks, while dodging the walls and objects. The snake will grow bigger for each chick you eat. You can choose from 3 different world, and 3 difficutlies.
EggzEggz This matching game allows you to launch colorful game pieces, creating matches and making your way to the top wall of the game. Once there, you advance to the next level.
King of the HillKing of the Hill In this game you have to depend your castle at all costs and stay king of the hill. You have four lives, losing a life and a catapult when an enemy reaches your castle walls or you get hit by catapult fire.
Cave HunterCave Hunter Get your ship through to the other side of the cave without hitting the wall or rocks!
Road BlocksRoad Blocks Try to get the ball hit the portal by bouncing off the walls to reach the portal.
Kons Big TroubleKons Big Trouble Whip the bears as they pop up from behind the walls. Careful, it happens fast.
Sub BumpSub Bump Help pilot the Sub Bump through the cave of doom, far below in the depths of the ocean. Avoid hitting the walls and stalactite ceilings.
LabiryntLabirynt Fly around flipping levers and grabbing items. Avoid the walls at all costs and find the exit doors.
Turtle SnakeTurtle Snake The original game of snake has got a new twist in the form of Turtle Snake, now its got the body of a turtle but crawls like a snake. Eat the food but avoid the bombs and the walls.
Show JumpingShow Jumping In this competition, horses will jump over fences, low walls and other obstacles and you must jump cleanly. You will also notice the tiredness meter and if your horse is so tired, it will trot. The obstacles are numbered accordingly and this tells to which side you must jump and for every unsuccessful jump, you will incur 4 fault points so good luck!
Soopa SprintaSoopa Sprinta Run and Jump over garbage cans and walls.
Casino Chip ChallengeCasino Chip Challenge Guide the little chip to the exit of each zone to proceed to the next stage of this giant casino maze. The objective is always not to hit walls , objects and laser beams.
Shadow AscentShadow Ascent Try to climb up the wall without being spotted by the guards. You will play as G.I Joe in this flash game.
Snake ver 1Snake ver 1 Eat as many apples as you can, but don't hit the walls or your self.
Max BeakoutMax Beakout A good remake of the game break wall with four bumper paddles!
Hoverbot ArenaHoverbot Arena A fast-paced shooter with multiple mission objectives and bosses. It's a lot of fun to bounce around between the walls while blasting everything in sight!
Mouse MazeMouse Maze Use the mouse to follow the path without touching any obstacles or walls!

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