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Penalty FeverPenalty Fever Try to kick the soccer ball and get it into the goal. Then switch and defend your goal.
Super SluggerSuper Slugger Try to hit the baseball as far as possible. Careful when they switch pitchers on you.
Stunt Dirt BikeStunt Dirt Bike Become the master of the track! Surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible.
Hint: If you get stuck on a level, try switching vehicles. Both vehicles come with their own advantages.
Soccer ShootoutSoccer Shootout Kick some soccer ball and get it into the goal. Then switch and defend your goal.
High Risk RescueHigh Risk Rescue Continue moving upward in the game as you switch from boy to flying dragon to pass objects.
Super Mario SunshineSuper Mario Sunshine In this game Mario fights an evil witch. To complete the levels you'll need your backpack.
Emo SoccerEmo Soccer Try to score in the goal of your opponent by shooting the ball towards the enemy goal. The cute and clumpsy players make the game very funny to play. Matches are 3 vs 3 where you can switch control between the players manually.
The StrangersThe Strangers A good sniper game that has good graphics and multiple sniper positions to switch to.
The Polar ExpressThe Polar Express Click on the red/green switches at each crossing to change the path direction. The train will follow the green path. Pick up train cars and "pick-ups" for points. Keep the train from running into obstacles and crashing into itself.
Avatar Elemental EscapeAvatar Elemental Escape Switch between multiple game characters to complete the map and rescue all the team members.
Fairytale Doll DressupFairytale Doll Dressup Dress this girl up as a princess or witch.
Party InterruptedParty Interrupted Ride your bike jumping over holes, rocks and stumps. Get far enough and the game play switches.
Cute Witch Dress UpCute Witch Dress Up Help this cute witch dress up in her witch clothes!
Galactic ConquestGalactic Conquest Build your troops and towers as you go from planet to planet conquering them, one by one in this new defense game. Prove that you are the mightiest race in the galaxy. 10 waves per planet, 5 planets total. Infantry, towers and traps will be refunded during switch of planets.
The Xs Virtual InsanityThe Xs Virtual Insanity Stop Glowface before he broadcast an evil song that'll turn the whole world into zombies! The X's must stop him by deactivating electric switches in Glowface's lair.
The Fright Before ChristmasThe Fright Before Christmas Shoot the toys that are attacking you. Switch players for different powers. Includes upgrade shop.
Hide n Go MilkHide n Go Milk Help Otis serve milk to the party-animals at the barn before sunrise. Collect bottles and return them to the barn to earn points. Don't get spotted or the party will be over! Switch to thew cow position or run away fro, the spotlight.
Space TrooperSpace Trooper You have to fight your way and rescue the space station. As a space trooper it is your job to stop all the aliens and activate the mainframe lockdown switch before the aliens take over.
Paper FlightPaper Flight Fly the plane through levels by switching fans and other appliances on and off.
12 Swap12 Swap Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
Puppyred ShootoutPuppyred Shootout Shoot the enemies as they pop out. Use your keyboard to switch which hole you're shooting at.
Witch BallWitch Ball A small and cute flash game in which you have to drag and launch witch balls in order to shoot all the witches off their broom sticks.. Every level will get more colors which make it more difficult!
Harry Potter Bus DrivingHarry Potter Bus Driving Your job is to pick up stranded wizards and witches and deliver them to their destination.
MarippyMarippy Collect all her witch items but avoid getting caught. The jumping bend gets weaker each time you jump so be careful not to break it off when you jump.
Halloween Hocus PocusHalloween Hocus Pocus Jessica Witch has mistakenly transformed all her pals into real monsters! Now Jessica must fly around the neighborhood on her magic vaccum and attempt to put things right. Catch the potions and turn the monsters back into humans before its too late.
Happy HeksHappy Heks A sidescrolling action, adventure with a witch looking for ingredients for her potion.
The Emperors Runaway CartThe Emperors Runaway Cart Angle the jumps to switch to the right rail and not lose points or crash into gates.
Torture ChamberTorture Chamber Grab the jewels while flipping switches that keep the spikes from coming down. Click the torturers.
The Pumpkins BalladeThe Pumpkins Ballade Save the flying witch from oncoming evil pumpkins and other enemies.
Treasure QuestTreasure Quest 40 levels of flipping switching and grabbing the treasure.
CloneClone Show some team player skills in this logic platform game. Jump and run and switch between the dudes and help each other.
Lunar Mouse HouseLunar Mouse House The objective of this game is to control the ships and avoid hitting walls at all cost. Guide your Rocket near a Lunar Mouse ball, the tractor beam will engage automatically.Drop the ball onto a roller switch to open doors. The Lunar Mice do the rest.
Korns Super SwitchKorns Super Switch Switch the symbols around as you try to get 3 or more of the same next to each other.
Rescue LanderRescue Lander A funny moon lander based game where you have to safe the little alien safe his girlfriend by completing many lander levels. The game comes with over 20 levels, with puzzles, switches, doors, lasers, mini bosses, refuel stations and much more.
Trick or SuiteTrick or Suite It's Halloween night and you only have a half hour before you go in for the night! Try to get as much as candy as you can by knocking from apartment doors from floor to floor.
Block FactoryBlock Factory Switch blocks around so that 3 or more pieces of the same symbols are lined up and they'll disappear.
Kingdom of GoldKingdom of Gold Stand on switches to open gates as you jump over openings and try to avoid spikes.
BolaBola This is another game where you need to line up 3 ore more balls of the same color. As well as in other games of this kind you can switch positions of adjacent balls. However, in Bola balls do not form horizontal and vertical rows. The only possible straight lines are diagonals. Besides, the way the balls fall after you eliminate a line is quite original.
Blood HandsBlood Hands Watch for the twitches and changes and press space to react. Be quick!
Neo OrbNeo Orb Manipulate the orbs to navigate Space Chicken through the ancient temple. Switch any orb on the board with any of the orbs from the column to the right by clicking both. Rack up enough points before time is up to move on.
Witch In The CityWitch In The City Dress up this cute witch with nice dress and accessories as she flies over the city.
Haunted HybridHaunted Hybrid Grab the jackolanterns and candy corn as you dodge and shoot the bats. Don't run out of fuel!
Halloween WitchHalloween Witch You are a witch who cooks a special magic stew on the Halloween night. You need to collect the required ingredients before you run out of time. 6 ingredients will appear in the bottom of the screen. 4 lines of black shapes will be moving above the ingredients line. You need to drag ingredients from the bottom line to their shapes on the moving lines. Once all shapes in one line are filled with ingredients, this line stops. Your goal is to fill and stop all 4 lines.
Witchery DressupWitchery Dressup Even a witch needs a dress makeover for the Halloween. Can you choose one for her?
Type PopType Pop Type N Pop Defend the magical castle against the invading creatures by casting spells that pop their balloons! Buy magic upgrades with your score points.
Witches BrewWitches Brew Collect all the necessary potions and rituals to cast your spell as fast as possible.
AnkomakoAnkomako In this game you need to make sure Ankomako collects items and stays away from the evil witch.
Rainbow WebRainbow Web This is a match-three game, which means that you need to switch places of adjacent balls to try and form groups of 3 or more adjacent identical pieces lying on the same line. In this case your playing board is a spider web and instead of having common columns and raws you have circles and radius lines. Some of the balls have letters on them. To pass a level you need to eliminate all balls with letters including them in the same color groups.
Panda FoodPanda Food Your goal is to feed panda family. Each panda will have its diet that will be shown in the top-right corner of the screen. It will consist of different foods and each type will have a minimum amount. You'll need to collect these or higher amounts of the corresponding foods. To collect them you play a Match-Three game, meaning that you need to create horizontal or vertical lines of 3 or more identical items to collect them. Unlike the classical version match-three, you don't switch the positions of adjacent pieces, but rotate 4 pieces squares. You select the square to rotate with the mouse and click to rotate it. The square is rotated 1 piece clockwise. If such position does not create any 3 collectible lines, the square keeps rotating clockwise until it returns to its initial position.
The Shotgun PrincessThe Shotgun Princess Yeah, she carries a shotgun. But there are witches and goblins in those woods! Help the princess escape this hunting cabin, FTW!
Witch MuncherWitch Muncher Your goal is to collect and grab the pineapples as fast as you can but avoid the bombs.
Tower ConstructorTower Constructor Every tower needs a solid foundation. Build your tower by switching numbered blocks so that goes from big at the bottom and small on top.
HexaHexa A cute puzzle game where you switch and drop blocks to match similar creatures.
Cake Factory 2Cake Factory 2 Run the cake factory and produce the requested cakes in time. Press the switches, buttons and levers to setup a correct production line for your cakes. Be careful because the conveyor will start moving faster and faster!
Hen Coops GameHen Coops Game Keep an eye on the egg under the hen as the rooster switches the hens around trying to confuse you.
Turbo Cyborg Ninja XTurbo Cyborg Ninja X Flip switches and avoid turrets as you climb up walls and fire your crossbow to climb up its rope.
Run Chicken RunRun Chicken Run Try to escape from the hungry witch by running as fast as you can! Avoid the bee hives and the rocks to keep going and don't let her catch you!

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