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Hello Kitty Roller RescueHello Kitty Roller Rescue Choose and race from different Sanrio friends.
Cinderella Until the Stroke of MidnightCinderella Until the Stroke of Midnight Help Cinderella find the required things before the time runs out!
Dragon GemDragon Gem A cool Flash Platform Games. Beat the enemy by using your sword and collect the items that will appear. Beat all enemies to advance through levels.
Hannah Montana Wireless QuestHannah Montana Wireless Quest Help Miley follow the clues and find the diary before class starts! Collect stars for bonus points or the timer to freeze time for 30 seconds.
Video Game SimVideo Game Sim All your life all you ever wanted to do is play video games and dream of one day becoming a professional gamer. Amidst all the discouragements, now is your time to prove that you can make your dreams come true in 80 days; gain skills, earn money and finally compete in video game tournaments to fulfill your dream! Have fun!
New Super Mario WorldNew Super Mario World Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and run and collect the coins in this little platform game.
Party PalsParty Pals Help Licorice jump up and unwrap the party gifts. Help Coconut catch the goodies falling from the gift boxes. Simply mouse-over Coconut or Licorice to make them jump. Avoid stinging bees and rocks.
Harry Potter Magic WordsHarry Potter Magic Words Dress up Harry Potter with his magic words.
Tarzan and Jane Jungle JumpTarzan and Jane Jungle Jump Help Tarzan collect diamonds scattered throughout the jungle to give to Jane for their first anniversary. Time is short! He'll have to brave the dangers of the animal kingdom to find the precious stones. help him avoid obstacles and swing across dangerous water rapids and pitfalls while eluding alligators, panthers and man-eating plants.
CubriusCubrius You have to make all the cubes disappear to advance to next level. Play quickly to multiply your score with a combo bunos
Avatar Fire Nation Barge BarrageAvatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage Conquer earth and water tribes with Prince Zuko by the fire nation barge. Just choose the village you want to attack and then gear up yourself for battle. The villagers are harder to conquer if their defenses are high. Save shipwrecked firebenders strewn out of the waters to form your crew. Use their bending energy to throw fireballs to enemy's walls. Watch out for golems and sea dragons too and collect necessary power-ups. Good luck!
The Squirrel of SandwichThe Squirrel of Sandwich Look at the customer's order, prepare sandwiches and earn money.
Stelios Saves TimeStelios Saves Time Guide Stelios over the jump by dragging the arrow back!
DriftDrift Speed your way through virtual racing course and manage to score as high as you can to earn high points. Use speed to your advantage! The faster you're going the more you'll drift.
Cookie KeeperCookie Keeper Your mom bake you some delicious cookies but you need to it down. So it's your job to defend uour cookies from this stubborn birds
SoccerpongSoccerpong Keep the ball moving and don't let it go out or you'll lose. You start with 3 balls. Score goals to gain points - the score wheel indicates how many points you'll get for a goal. Good luck and have fun!
Nodes 2Nodes 2 Get the laser through all the circles before the bomb reaches 0 and blows up.
Break InBreak In Try to avoid being seen by the guards on your way to the exit. As the level gets higher, so is the excitement!
Fight Man Xiao Xiao 9Fight Man Xiao Xiao 9 Defeat all other stick man before they kill you!
Powerpuff Girls SnapShotPowerpuff Girls SnapShot Create you own scenario of Powerpuff Girls.
Mr Hairy FaceMr Hairy Face create a funniest face you can make.
Extreme Heli BoardingExtreme Heli Boarding Snowboard down the kill grabbing tokens and gaining points. Watch out for logs and other items.
Jasmine Accessories DressupJasmine Accessories Dressup Help Jasmine pick nice clothes and accessories.
Fairy 10Fairy 10 What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves.
Turbo TankTurbo Tank Protect the city from destruction by the the rebel human soldiers and their masters, the robots!
Escape From HellEscape From Hell Gary has accidentally been sent to hell! Help him escape from the flames!
Fairy 12Fairy 12 What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves.
Techno SurffTechno Surff Grab the colorful music notes, but avoid the black and gray ones. Score as much as possible.
Halloween Costume Dress UpHalloween Costume Dress Up Surprisingly, there's no revealing nurse costume to dress up with. But you can be the prettiest princess at the costume party if you'd like.
3 on 13 on 1 Three strikers versus the goalie and one defender. Do you have what it takes to score?
Super DoggySuper Doggy Fight as a super dog by jumping on cats and getting powerups for punching power.
Carnival ShooterCarnival Shooter Hit your target and hit the bullseye but avoid hitting certain animals.
SmurfetteSmurfette Get her the attire perfect for her.
Squirrel HuntSquirrel Hunt Shoot down those pesky rabid squirrel that are infesting the clubs.
Monster Truck RampageMonster Truck Rampage Drive your monster truck as you shoot enemy vehicles, soldiers, UFOs, turrets, tanks and more!
PacmanPacman Classic pacman game!
Lords 3 CatapultLords 3 Catapult Try to destroy the enemy's castle using the catapult
MaximusMaximus Pick up your weapon and predict the angles that will hit the target before time runs out. Targets will be harder to hit as each level progresses. Have fun!
The Spidewick Chronicles The Siege on Spiderwick MansionThe Spidewick Chronicles The Siege on Spiderwick Mansion Help our hero defend the Spiderwick mansion against the swarming monster.
Super MotocrossSuper Motocross 21 levels of controlling your bike physics and grabbing stars. Some ramps are difficult to get over.
What a ShotWhat a Shot The objective of the game is to shoot the basketball as many as you can.
Japanish FishingJapanish Fishing Catch fish as much as possible!
Penguin ArcadePenguin Arcade Try to shoot some penguins!
Girl Makeover 23Girl Makeover 23 Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty. Don't forget to use lipstick, dress her with necklaces.
Soda Pop Girls BUbble Batch Bottle CatchSoda Pop Girls BUbble Batch Bottle Catch Help prepare her yummy sodas.
Blazing ScissorsBlazing Scissors Play as the scissors - a close up view of scary scalps and hairy warts! Why do all the weirdos come to MY barber shop?
3 Foot Ninja I The Lost Scrolls3 Foot Ninja I The Lost Scrolls On your quest to find your destiny, you'll face many obstacles and many enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are numerous and deadly. Find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. Beware of the many tricks of your opponents and be quick to counter their attacks. May good fortune be with you!
Tomb TrapperTomb Trapper Slide boxes around in the tomb and try to trap the enemies. Careful not to leave corners open.
Wile E Rocket RideWile E Rocket Ride Help Wile E. Coyote chase Road Runner by guiding his giant Acme Rocket. Avoid the obstacles and be very fast in doing them before you run out of time. Enjoy!
VR SquadVR Squad Shoot the blurry characters and don't let them hit you. They shoot you, you lose a life.
Boy and Girl FortressBoy and Girl Fortress It's battle between a boy and a girl. The girl is throwing rocks while the boy is throwing shoes.
Darfur is DyingDarfur is Dying Ensure the existence of the refugee camp by foraging for water outside of the camp.

Follow the instructions when inside of the camp.
Game Description: In the Darfur region of Western Sudan, a genocide is occurring.

Since the start of the conflict in February of 2003:
- Nearly 3 million people have been affected by the conflict.
- More than 300.000 people have died from conflict and deseases.
- 2.5 million civilians have been displaced by the conflict.

In this game you need to collect food and build shelter inside a refugee camp, or forage for water outside of the camp.
Dangerous DescentDangerous Descent Make your way down the pipes while lighting up anybody that stands against you with your fire. Burn!
All Star Skate ParkAll Star Skate Park Pull some tricks using your skateboard!
Fantasy Dolls HumanFantasy Dolls Human Drag the clothes from the right over the picture on the left to dress your doll!
Crazy HoopsCrazy Hoops Shoot the ball to all the baskets. You score more by making crazy hoopz!
BasketBotsBasketBots Your goal is to score as many points before the time expires. If you can score 20 points or more you can continue to the next round.

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