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Ninja GuijiNinja Guiji Use your sneak attacks to gut unsuspecting ninjas. Fight others in a turn based attacks. Explore.
Dancing FairyDancing Fairy What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves.
Rock Band RampageRock Band Rampage Bash everything in sight with your guitar, but don't get caught by the cop as he passes by.
Elysium ManElysium Man Elysium Man is cool stickman fighting game. You have to guide the hero through various levels. Kill all the enemy fighters who cross your path. And be sure to watch out for other dangerous threats. Also be sure to pick up the special power ups that you find.
SabermaniaSabermania Defend and then hit your opponent where it hurts. Lightsabres strike fast, so good reflexes are essential in this game.

You can play the game using a flashsaber and stall your opponent's death unnecessarily long, or you can choose a lightsaber and split your opponent in half with just one strike.
Harry the HamsterHarry the Hamster Connect all the pipe and other objects to help harry reach his place!
The RaceThe Race As you run you'll encounter every type of imaginable obstacle. Use the arrow to avoid them.
Sewer FeverSewer Fever The evil Han has locked up tanner's kung fu companions behind reinforced doors in the sewer. Help him avoid the hidden henchman and destroy all the metal doors with his staff, in order to free his friends.
Piglets Big Movie Honey HarvestPiglets Big Movie Honey Harvest Help Piglet collect honey from the hive and also avoid bumping into a killer bee.
Old WestOld West Play as a deputy and capture every wanted criminal!
Blobi PopBlobi Pop Explode the bubbles and releases the bacterias! Stick 3 of the same bubbles color to explode them.
Megaman Project XMegaman Project X Megaman game use rock to dash jump power up cannon and fire at enemies.
Hulk Smash UpHulk Smash Up Hulk is on a RAMPAGE. Destroy all buildings!
Eline Dress upEline Dress up Help Eline choose a truly romantic outfit.
Ninja KidNinja Kid Slice and dice the fireballs and other crazy creatures. Some of which throw their eyeballs at you.
Hang The AlienHang The Alien Old school hangman isn’t good enough for some people. Now, we have to hang an alien. What’s next, Hang the Zombie?
Power Puff Girls Super SurfsPower Puff Girls Super Surfs Glide to waves of the sea with the Powerpuff Girls.
BMX TricksBMX Tricks Do some amazing tricks with your BMX bike.
Food MemoryFood Memory See how sharp your memory.
PenguinPenguin Choose different modes in this awesome game with the penguin. Launch them into the air and hit the targets. Good luck!
Gossip Girl Match GameGossip Girl Match Game Matching game of a very popular tv show in USA.
The Incredibles Mega MemoryThe Incredibles Mega Memory Match alike cards before the time runs out to move to the next level.
Mascot KombatMascot Kombat Blood makes the grass grow. If you're tired of the usual game, why not choose their mascots instead and assist them on their fight towards becoming the ultimate mascot of all time!
Tank Wars RTSTank Wars RTS Strategy game with many aspects to playing and destroying your enemies. Takes time to master.
Ocean ExplorerOcean Explorer Take part in Jacques Cousteau's Marine Conservation project in an attempt to study the diversity of marine life.

It's 1943 so the project's funds are under pressure because of the Second World War. Underwater photography is the only way to convince the government that new funds are needed, so put on your scuba gear and descent into the Deep Bleu for some neat snapshots.
Medieval MassacreMedieval Massacre Your goal is to survive through the 40 level stages, this can be achieved by upgrading your Tesla coil, hiring archers and upgrading them, in able to obtain gold, you need to kill.
DeflectorDeflector Defend your planet from invaders by drawing a line to bounce their attacks!
Cowboy Boots DressupCowboy Boots Dressup Help the girl choose nice clothes and boots.
Umbrella Gown DressupUmbrella Gown Dressup Pick up a perfect gown for this nice girl.
Make Me PrettyMake Me Pretty Choose the best dress, accessories and make up so that this girl has a whole new look.
Girl Makeover 14Girl Makeover 14 Help this girl get a beauty make over, choose the right dress, new hair style and beauty kit combination for her to achieve the beautiful new look.
Park LifePark Life You are the best skater in town, but some has stolen your teams boards and scattered them in the slum! Now its up to you to gather all the boards together!
Vanessa Hudgens Dress UpVanessa Hudgens Dress Up Get her ready for her midnight escapade.
Shred ZoneShred Zone Asteroids remake where you're a guitar shooting records. Nice powerups and better than original.
FloodingFlooding A funny skill flash game where you have to help tobo the robot. Jump from barrel to barrel to escape from the flooding that hit the town. To make the correct jumps you need to find the perfect timing.
Walk in the CloudsWalk in the Clouds The aim of the game is to jump and walk over the clouds.
Clash n Slash Worlds AwayClash n Slash Worlds Away Another version of the game Clash n Slash! With more and new enemies, weapons and upgrades!
Pixieland PuzzlePixieland Puzzle Connect all the right pieces to solve the puzzle!
WeightsWeights Show the world how strong you really are and what you are made off.
FlappyFlappy Fly Flappy as far as you can. Try to pop the balloons but avoid the blue birds.
Flower Clothing DressUpFlower Clothing DressUp Flower clothes are so cute - help her choose some!
A Sitch in TimeA Sitch in Time Help this spy girl stop the museum robbers, her mission takes her as far out as the Australian outback. Avoid contact with obstacles and enemies or Kim will lose energy. If her energy bar turns out, she will lose a life. Complete each level in the given amount of time or Kim will lose a life.
Hair Dressing Salon for Bald MenHair Dressing Salon for Bald Men Put the wig to the correct clients in the Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men!
Stitch Master of DisguiseStitch Master of Disguise When the Bounty Hunters come to Stitch's door, one of the pictures on the wall will light up. Your job is to dress stitch exactly like the picture. You have a set amount of time to search Stitch's room and find all 4 parts of the costume. Match the costume with the correct one before time runs out.
KatapultKatapult Adjust the power and angle of the catapult in order to launch the stuntman. While he is airborne, keep his body parallel to the ground to reduce wind resistance. Use pink clouds to give him a boost. Lastly, deploy his parachute when the stuntman approaches the ground to ensure a safe landing. (Note: Your score is only calculated when the stuntman lands safely via the parachute.
Daffys Studio AdventureDaffys Studio Adventure Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. The ACME prop machine has gone haywaire, so watch out and don't stay still for too long or the stage weights might fall on you! Earn points and boost your bonus timer by collecting the clocks along the way.
Intruders In The ParkIntruders In The Park Shoot people with toy guns, kick garbage cans over and more.
All Star DodgeballAll Star Dodgeball Choose your favorite all stars and play against the computer.
Dress Up RihannaDress Up Rihanna Hellp her get glamor up to red carpet.
Sea Girl DressupSea Girl Dressup Dress this girl in the sea. She can wear a bikini, diving suit or even be a mermaid.
Prince Proposal DressupPrince Proposal Dressup A beautiful view, romantic scene, Prince wants to proposes to her? Be creative by designing the backgrounds and scenery.
Powerpuff Girls Girl PowerPowerpuff Girls Girl Power Locate the villain's hide out in the city, avoid flying matter and then face and destroy the villain.
Speed XSpeed X Being on patrol as a future police cop has a lot of shooting involved. A fast side scrolling shoot em up flash game to play.
The Adventures of KaylaThe Adventures of Kayla Guide Kayla to escape from the evil underground world.
Drager Safety FirefighterDrager Safety Firefighter Stop the fire and save the houses before it' s too late.
Pup IdolPup Idol Be quick and draw lines to direct the balls to the right dog. Draw circles around black balls.
Bestfriend Dressup 2Bestfriend Dressup 2 Give the girl a fabulous makeover and help her surprise her best friend!

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