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Hover HavocHover Havoc there are two game modes in this game, Posses, take a long hold to ball or Destroy, Try to destroy the rotating around you.
Endless TournamentEndless Tournament Get ready for a one-on-one shoot out with your opponent.
Ultimate Robotnik DuelsUltimate Robotnik Duels Get into intense battle using Dr.Robotnik's weapons which he designed to destroy Sonic! This is a 1 vs 1 game consisting of quick duel matches between player and ai. Also you can play player vs player mode. The game is a parody on Sonic the hedgehog game, using various boss weapons as a weapon for duel.
Family Guy Fighting GameFamily Guy Fighting Game The EPIC battle of Man Vs. Chicken!
4 Eyes4 Eyes Connect four eyes of the same color in a row, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal and do it before your opponent can. You can also play this game in a two player mode.
Aevarrian Coliseum 2Aevarrian Coliseum 2 Get ready to battle in the Aevarrian Coliseum for the 2nd time. Aevarrian Coliseum 2 is a sequel of Aevarron's Coliseum, a medieval fighting game revolving around the Kingdom of Aevarria. Soundtrack by Tamugaia Orchestra.

Fight through the storyline in Story Mode, fight a friend or practice in Versus Mode, see how good you are in Gauntlet Mode and win titles and badges in season mode.
Twin Hobo RocketTwin Hobo Rocket Navigate a rocket with two drunk dudes through space, dodge asteroids and beg for change!?

1 Player:
Karate Kamil vs Ninja NejatKarate Kamil vs Ninja Nejat An animated two player martial arts fighting game with nice graphics, cool moves and lots of fun.
Powerpuff Girls All Monsters AttackPowerpuff Girls All Monsters Attack All monster attack the city and it's for the girls to use Dynamo.
Political DuelPolitical Duel Choose your political leader and beat other leaders in this hilarious fighting game! You can fight with your friend in the 2 players mode!
Rural RacerRural Racer Participate in this very cool game of mini racing. Finish 8 laps and beat the opponent and show him what it takes to be the ultimate rural racer. Enjoy!
Aevarrons ColiseumAevarrons Coliseum Get into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using various combo attacks.
Blob WarsBlob Wars You can spawn a blob into an adjacent space or you can jump into an open space one square away. Select a blob on your team by clicking it with the mouse. Once selected your blob will be highlighted and the possible moves you may take will be shown with darkened green tiles. Click on a highlighted space to complete your move.
Capoeira FighterCapoeira Fighter Awesome fighting game with lots of awesome moves!
Beat BattleBeat Battle Fight using innovative moves similar to that of pushing Dance Dance Revolution keys.
Project Inthri 3Project Inthri 3 Play single player, 2 player on one keyboard, or by yourself controlling 2 seperate ships.
Bad Guys Christmas DinnerBad Guys Christmas Dinner BadGuys clone of Alien Hominid game "All You Can Eat", but with Christmas dinner.
CronchCronch Go kick ass and shoot your opponent to win the game.
Balloon DuelBalloon Duel Pop your opponents balloon!
Recess RumbleRecess Rumble Time for recess, what better way to pass the time then to beat up other school children.
Turf WarTurf War Choose your weapon and angle and power and attack the enemy. Similar to "Worms" game.
Kore KartKore Kart Race as fast as you can through the dirt roads while watching out for the walls and other objects so you don't crash.
Egg FighterEgg Fighter Play as an egg and fight another egg street fighter style!
12 Figthers 212 Figthers 2 Win fights to get experience points. By improving you Martial Art Knowledge and performance you will be able to confront any fighters.

This game is based on Capcom's Street Fighter III.
Legend of the Dragon Fist 1Legend of the Dragon Fist 1 Defeat your opponents with combinations of punck and kicks and some special moves to win the game. You will be awarded with extra points if you manage to hit your opponents several times. Good luck!
Monster MayhemMonster Mayhem Fight against another player or the computer with monsters. Multiple difficulty settings.
Boat RacingBoat Racing Beat your opponent and collect as many ring as you can.
Hell Fight 3 5Hell Fight 3 5 A Fight game with various persons, special moves, combos, backgrounds and more.
3D Super Snowboarder3D Super Snowboarder Ride your snowboard down the mountain avoiding obstacles and performing tricks off jumps.
Turbo SpiritTurbo Spirit Fast Motor Race!
CrunchtimeCrunchtime Crunchtime is a short and sweet, simple little Shockwave 3D zombie shooter. It's not a long game by any means; there are only 3 levels to the entire "experience." But it is an engaging one that will keep you occupied over a quick break for donuts and cider.
Protoss InvasionProtoss Invasion The protoss are invading! Blast them away and don't them make it off the screen. Larger enemies come
Plankton Life 2Plankton Life 2 More avoiding, eating, and evolving in the second edition of Plankton Life.
F1F1 Race your way to the circuit of victory.
SpitwadSpitwad Adjust your angle and power and get your spitward to hit the computer player or a 2nd player.
Crazy Push OffCrazy Push Off Use your hands and weapons to push your opponents off the cliff.
ScorchedScorched You'll need a friend to play this shoot-'em-up game. Each player gets to select and name their character. You take turns controlling your shots with the arrow keys and firing with the space bar. You also have $1,000 to spend on specialty items like super explosive charges and protective shields.
Athlete Balls n WallsAthlete Balls n Walls Aim and fire the balls over the wall catch opponents balls and destroy the platforms to win.
Dragon Fist 2 Battle for the BladeDragon Fist 2 Battle for the Blade The Dragon Master is back, but this time he has brought with him the legendary and powerful Dragon Blade. Defeat your opponents with combinations of punches and kicks to win every level. Good luck!
Race XRace X Race your mini truck around the busy cityscape against your opponent, and complete all the tracks.
Space Skirmish MSpace Skirmish M Shoot all the incoming alien creatures and defend your tower at all costs. When it's gone it's over.
Paw Paw MiawPaw Paw Miaw Choose your cat fighter and then try to beat all the other types of cats in this fighting game.
Steel Defence CommanderSteel Defence Commander You're the "base" in this top-down shooter. Click on cannons and use pickups to kill the jet fighter.
Jumping MacJumping Mac Help mac the jumping ball find all his diamonds without dying.
Angel FightersAngel Fighters Choose from among these different babes and help her fight her way to victory against fellow angel babes. Good luck and enjoy!
Cube CombatCube Combat Use your wooden cube guy to fight, against your player opponent, punch, kick, jump and pull off moves.
ZeromatterZeromatter This is a great wee flying game use the Up, Left and Right arrows to move and the Down arrow to shoot.
Cosmic WarriorsCosmic Warriors It's the ultimate stellar duel-to-the death as you battle for galactic supremacy! Shoot, explode, and ram your opponent and emerge victorious!
Guts n GloryGuts n Glory Fight the cartoon characters and continue pushing forward in this sidescrolling action game.
Kucing FighterKucing Fighter An original cat fighting game. 2 Player only.
Chick AdeeChick Adee Chicks fight too.
Hungry Space 2Hungry Space 2 In the beautiful galaxy of Andromeda Zergimo is a new marad rising to power. But before you can take on the overloard you must grow strong! Eat all aliens that are smaller than you, become larger and score points.
Sibling SmackdownSibling Smackdown The Osbourne's In Sibling rivalry, while Ozzy himself referees the fight.
KnightKnight Avoid all enemies while reaching the top of each levels.
Super Fight FightSuper Fight Fight Fight against stick figures in this sidescroller. Build your chi to use crazy fighting skills.
Super Mario SunshineSuper Mario Sunshine In this game Mario fights an evil witch. To complete the levels you'll need your backpack.
Hero TankHero Tank Drive your tank and shoot down enemy tanks.

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